CREDOS: Katrina — III

Already, a new poll by the Pew Research Centre finds that two-thirds of black Americans think the government would have responded faster if most of the victims had been white.”

Jacoby notes, however, that except for these professional race baiters, the response to Katrina has been colorblind: “Well, there are two Americas. One is the America of [Barbara] Lee, [Howard] Dean, and [Jesse] Jackson, in which colour is paramount and no time is the wrong time to play the race card. The other is the America that has opened its hearts and wallets in a torrent of generosity and compassion for Katrina’s victims. As of last Monday, reports the Chronicle of Philanthropy, more than $760 million had been donated, a pace of giving without precedent in American history. And that includes only monetary contributions.

“There are also the immense offerings of clothing, food, medicine, dishes, telephones and toys. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers have enlisted in relief effort. Americans have opened their homes to evacuees from New Orleans. In the words of a Red Cross spok-eswoman, “People are pouring their hearts out without the slightest regard to race.”

Maverick intellectual John McWhorter also debunks race demagoguery in “‘Racism!’ They Charged. When don’t they?” But, with a big story like Katrina (and also Iraq) that requires hea-vy equipment and access, the blogosphere isn’t able to challenge the mainstream media and bring balance to the story. —, concluded