CREDOS: Kindness — III

A McAlpine And K Dixey

Kindness to those around you is important, but perhaps more important is kindness to yourself, the most difficult form of kindness to practice. Reward not only your success but also your effort. Kindness to yourself helps you deal with rejection. You may get disheartened,

and self-kindness alleviates frustration brought on by an initial lack of success.

Often, other people do not want you to succeed, so self-kindness is not only important, it is necessary. You cannot get it from others. Kindness to those who fail wins appreciation. Kindness to those who win when you fail brings respect. Kindness is a building block of a happy life.

Kindness is born in consideration and love.

Teach yourself to be considerate, mostly in small matters, and consideration for others in big matters will become second nature. Kindness has its own rewards, for those who have succeeded in developing their instincts and sensitivity can physically experience the sensation of their own kindness around the area of their heart.

The sensation is so memorable that it is astonishing. Yet we fear and resist that sensation, perhaps because we simply think that it will feel so good and then disappear, leaving us sad and disappointed, unhappy that this memorable feeling could evaporate and go so easily. As a sensation, kindness may frighten many people. They are scared because they do not trust kindness in themselves or others.