CREDOS: Kindness — IV

A McAlpine And K Dixey

These people believe that there must be a catch in being kind. For them kindness is associated with weakness and brutal honesty, which they regard as an admirable quality but is actually unkindness. Often these people see themselves as “saying what they think.”

More often, they do not take the simple precaution of thinking before their victims hear what they have to say. These types of people believe that you are being kind to them only because you want something from them.

They are sad people trapped in a sad suspicious world incapable of coming to terms with even the first building block in the construction of happiness.

Conversely, kindness quite often comes from a totally unexpected source, a person whom you do not know well, and did not expect to be kind to you.

Even a total stranger can make an act of kindness to you spontaneously, just because they felt like giving more than was required. How wonderful you feel when a total stranger is kind to you; conversely, how wonderful you feel when you are kind to a total stranger. It is an amazing moment, sparked perhaps by an action that can be so small as to pass for good manners.

The scale of the kindness does not matter. Kindness has a disproportionate effect on the well being of both the giver and the recipient. Learn to enjoy receiving kindness, learn to enjoy being thanked. It will make the giver of the thanks glow.