CREDOS : Lucky dog — III

I was right. I wanted my usual eggs, crispy bacon, home fries, and toast. I was about to place the menu down when I noticed something unusual at the back of the menu. On the back page was a large picture of a beautiful dog. No note or explanation below it, just a picture of a dog. When the server returned to take down my order, I placed my order and said, “Could you please tell me about the picture of the dog at the back of your menu?” She smiled and said, “Oh, that’s Jim’s dog.”

“Jim still owns the place?” I asked. “Yes. He has for the last 31 years. His dog died last year. He really loved that dog, perhaps more than anyone he has ever known,” she explained. “I remember Jim. I’m glad he still owns it. He’s a great guy,” I said. Then she said something that I needed to hear. “Jim loves people. But he really loves animals.” She added with a laugh, “Anyone would be lucky to be Jim’s dog.”

That was it! That’s how I want to be remembered. After all is said and done, after I’ve lived a full life trying my best to be a nice guy, a good father and husband, I want someone to say, “Anyone would be lucky to be Bob’s dog.”

No ego there. No need to measure my success in terms of money or things. Simply that I was good enough to be loved by a dog and that dog would be lucky enough to be loved by me. By the way, for Father’s Day I got another dog. That makes three…Ricky, Lucy, and Phil. That’s a lot of love! — (Concluded)