CREDOS: Mind and body — I

A few years ago, distinguished doctors and pharmaceutical companies from around the world gathered in London for a health conference held under the aegis of the World Health Organisation. The topic of this conference was “Frustration: Its cause and outcome”. The issue was discussed at length.

At the end of the conference, a report related to frustration was published. Here is the gist.

Frustration is fast becoming the most dangerous disease in the world. People of every age group are afflicted by it. Even housewives and kids are not immune to frustration. Out of every 20 people, 12 are affected by extreme frustration and six by its milder forms. The main reasons being cut-throat competition, high ambition, pollution, poor diet and the pursuit of materialistic comfort.

Out of the 20,000 million cells in a human body, around 500,000 interconnect. The mating of male and female cells, in turn, creates human beings. Each of these cells is made up of a jelly-like substance called Jeev Dravya. Every cell is shaped like a ‘key hole’ and contains brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). Their function is to send information to the brain. Apart from these, there are Tantrika cells, which help form brain chemical acitilcoline. It helps nerve cells transmit information to the brain. The brain, in turn, relays the information to other parts of the body. This system is called the Limbic system. When people are frustrated, it is adversely affected.