Hypothalamus, which controls our life cycle, continues functioning both at the conscious and unconscious levels. At the same time, the pituitary gland secretes natural hormones as per our physical needs.

When we are frustrated, the natural hormones of pineal and pituitary glands are contaminated by natural poisonous hormones, causing great harm to the central nervous system. As a result, many physical functions are unconsciously coordinated, making people feel mentally and physically tired. This leads to depression and tension, even suicidal tendencies can develop. When hypothalamus gets agitated, the cortex or the brain cortex is also activated. With this, the vibrations, in the form of information, start flowing though all the parts of the body. Whatever part the vibrations strike, the internal mechanism of the body becomes unbalanced and contaminated.

Doctor Herbal Benson of the Mind Body Medical Institute in the US has carried extensive research on frustration. He says: “Among all the human diseases, 60 per cent are psychosomatic.” The word psychosomatic consists of two parts, psycho related to mental health and somatic related to physical health. It means that most of the diseases are not physical but have their origins in our mind. But the doctors give undue emphasis on physical check-up, whereas they should be checking up on the health of the mind first. Every disease is related to the mind and the mental process.