CREDOS: Moment of truth — II

First of all, I was given an inner reassurance that I was not alone, and that all would be well.

Secondly, I received intimation that the situation was delicately balanced, and that to bring it to a conclusion without either of us suffering serious injury would require absolute cooperation on my part.

Thirdly, I became aware that my angel called on the spirit of the beautiful pine tree that stood outside the window, and that both angel and tree-spirit conjoined to create a stabilising and protective energy field around my predicament: to prevent further escalation of the disruption; to ground and calm us both; and to introduce the cleansing influences from the tree-spirit right into the tumultuous heart of the situation.

As this was achieved, the angel and the tree spirit together instantaneously began to build a new, purer atmosphere of normality in which wholesome human responses could flourish. I then became aware that my disturbed friend’s guardian angel was lending its strength and support to the entire operation although its aid was not able to manifest until he had begun to calm down.

All of this took place immediately and simultaneously. It confirmed my half-formed belief

that the guardian angel does indeed summon others of its kin to rectify a threatening situation, and, furthermore, calls on etheric beings to lend their aid as well. In other words, the guardian angel networks! — (Concluded)