CREDOS: Moving past pain - III

I forgive because I am able to rise to my higher self and feel lighter. My light knows no boundaries when I forgive. Life feels lighter when I forgive.

If your family has patriarchal attitudes: I am a spark of the Divine; therefore I am of the same soul substance as everyone else. From this day forward, I recognise my gifts of both male and female energy and reclaim a balanced image of my infinite power. Those who do not believe in me are denying part of their own divine nature; therefore they have no power over me.

If you have regrets: Life is a curvaceous and fluid journey. Because I am always moving through learning stages, I cannot look back or measure. I learn though my relationships because that is how I begin to define who I am. Nothing is unforgivable in life. I know nursing this hurt is holding me back from fully being with other; therefore I choose to thank the universe for giving me another opportunity to develop my soul by knowing another person.

If you repeat the same patterns: I keep experiencing the same events in my life because I have not learned a lesson at the deep level of the soul. I am committed to changing my behaviour, attitude, and negative belief systems. I learn from past mistakes. Life is a self-educational process and I am a perceptive individual. I watch others as they model what I need to learn. I love all my talents as well as my imperfections because that is what makes me the beloved person I am. — (Concluded)