CREDOS : On my own — IV

I thought, The only way I could continue to grow my business was to teach other women how to sell my jewelry, too. So in 1992, I started taking on other Consultants.

My business has since grown into a multimillion-dollar corporation, and this success is a direct result of my vision, the hard work of my amazing corporate staff, as well as the dedication of 70,000 Cookie Lee Consultants. And, most importantly, I stayed true to my original purpose, which was to provide a different life for my children, one that I could be a part of every day. I structured my career around what worked for my family, and as a result, the flexibility and profitability of selling my jewellry have also enabled our company’s Consultants to have the same opportunities for their families. For this, I am very proud and thankful. Please excuse me, I must go. It’s time to pick my kids up from school.

Epilogue: Cookie Lee — president and founder of Cookie Lee, Inc. — made a conscious choice not to sacrifice spending time with her two children “for

all the success and money in the world.” Cookie Lee picks up her teenaged children every day from school and attends all of their events. And her business is also a family affair, as husband John Lin serves as the company’s vice president.

Cookie Lee, Inc., founded in 1992, has become one of the nation’s largest jewellry direct sales companies with annual sales of over 120 million dollars and growing. — (Concluded)