CREDOS : Sikh master — V

On his return journey home he stopped at Saidpur in western Punjab during the invasion of

the first Mughal Emperor Babar. On seeing the extent of the massacre by the invaders, Mardana asked Guru Nanak why so many innocent people were put to death along with those few who were guilty. Guru Nanak told Mardana to wait under a banyan tree. While sitting under the tree Mardana was suddenly bitten by an ant. In anger Mardana killed as many ants as he could with his feet. Guru Nanak said to him, “You know now Mardana, why do the innocents suffer along with the guilty?”

Guru Nanak and Mardana were both taken prisoner by the Mughal’s. While in jail Guru Nanak sang a divine hymn about the senseless slaughter of the innocents by the Mughal invaders. Upon hearing

it the jailer reported it to his king. Babar sent for the Guru, and upon hearing him, Babar realised that Guru Nanak was a great religious figure. He asked for the Guru’s forgiveness and set him free, offering him a pouch of hashish. Guru Nanak refused saying the he was already intoxicated with the love and name of God.

After having spent a lifetime of travelling, an aged Guru Nanak returned home to Punjab, where he settled down. Pilgrims came from far and near to hear his preachings. He

believed in a casteless society. He institutionalised the common kitchen called langar in Sikhism. Here all can sit together and share a common meal, whether they are kings or beggars. — (Concluded)