CREDOS : Tale of two rings — I

Toward the end of her life Diana’s mother was quite frail. One late summer day, Diane decided to take her to a street festival. At one point they came across some vendors selling items from Finland. Diana’s mother was Finnish and delighted to meet people who shared a common language. She ended up buying an amethyst ring set in silver. The asking price was $20. “Mother offered $15, and the offer was accepted,” Diana says. “She loved that ring and wore it continuously on her right hand.”

One day Diana had a doctor’s appointment and brought her mother along. It was sometime later that they realised her mother’s ring was gone. “We looked just about everywhere,” Diana says. “Several times we looked and ran our hands through the side-pocket of the car door as Mother liked to keep Kleenex there.” They didn’t find the ring.

Sometime later, Diana took her mother to a grocery. As Diana wheeled her to the car the sun was setting. “As I opened the front car door, a ray of light from the setting sun cast itself on the side-pocket,” Diana says. “I could not believe what I saw. It was the amethyst ring! As I took it out and presented it to my mother, we were both completely silent — in thanksgiving and in awe.”

Why would God be interested in returning an ordinary ring? Perhaps, since Diana’s mother

was approaching the end of her life, the ring was meant as a sign of hope, a promise that he had not forgotten them. —