CREDOS : The Baha’i God — II

Habib Hosseiny

These sanctified Mirrors and Daysprings of the ancient glory are one and all the exponents on earth of him who is the central orb of the universe, its essence and ultimate purpose. From him proceed their knowledge and power; from him is derived their sovereignty. Their existence is but a reflection of his perfect image, and their revelation a sign of his everlasting glory. They are the treasuries of divine knowledge, and the repositories of celestial wisdom.

According to Baha’i belief, in addition to the mineral kingdom, vegetable kingdom, human kingdom, and spiritual kingdom, all of which relate to humankind, there are two other kingdoms: One is the kingdom of the manifestations of God that pertains to the messengers of God; and the other is the Divine Kingdom, which is unreachable for humans.

The only way to the Divine Kingdom is through the manifestations of God. In other words, the manifestations of God are the liaison between the Divine Kingdom and the human kingdom. Our sole means of recognition of God is the recognition of his manifestations. Although the recognition of the manifestations of God is considered to be the purpose of life, it is not the end; it must be followed by deeds in accordance with his laws and principles. Recognition of the manifestations of God and putting his principles and ordinances into practice are inseparable twin duties prescribed to every human being. The Baha’is also believe that humankind has been created in the image of God. One can reach a level of detachment from the material world through abiding by the laws and ordinances revealed by his manifestations. —, concluded.