CREDOS:Fagu Purnima — II

The immortal Dhundi had performed severe penances and had won several boons from the deities that made her almost invincible. However, due to a curse of Lord Shiva, she was not so immune to the pranks and abuses of young boys as she was to weapons and arrows.

Therefore, one day, the courageous boys of the village decided to get rid of her and chase her away from the village forever.

They got intoxicated on bhang and drunk and then they followed the invincible ogress Dhundi to the limits of the village, beating drums, making loud noise, shouting obscenities and hurling insults at her and continued doing this until she left the village for good.

Lord Krishna and Radha: Lord Krishna has often been portrayed as a naughty prankster in his childhood and a lover-boy in his youth.

His beloved Radha and the cowherd girls “Gopis” in general loved him

even more for his pranks and eve-teasing.

The Holi of Braj is famous all over India for its intimate connection with the divine deities and their playful behaviour. It is said that when Lord Krishna was a young boy, he asked the reason for his dark colour while Radha was so fair.

His mother Yashoda playfully suggested that he should smear colour on Radha’s face too and change her complexion to any colour he wanted.

Captivated by the idea, Lord Krishna proceeded to do so and thus, introduced the play of colours on Holi.