CREDOS:In Seattle — II

Re-learning to drive and maximize the gas mileage in “my” new car has become “his” favorite pastime.

Who knew there was a world of Internet bloggers out there calling themselves “hyper-milers?” From Saskatoon to Arkansas, armed with his handle “Prius in Seattle,” my husband culls information daily.

Groundbreaking tips such as how overfilling your oil will lower your gas mileage. Idling at a stoplight and wasting even a drop of fuel is considered Prius-storic. And of course, there’s that entire guy-type auto accessory shopping.

Without leaving the comfort of your computer chair, you can purchase every thing from mud flaps to dashboard screen covers?deals the dealers don’t even know about.

For the first mile or two out of the driveway my husband explains the importance of “good glide,” also known as “feathering the throttle from full release.”

The critical thing here is keeping your speed under forty-two miles an hour. But that’s just the

beginning. His new Internet buddies have shared other gas-saving techniques like the “pulse and glide” and the “warp stealth.” I’m thrilled.

“Watch the numbers,” he says as we head towards the interstate.

He points with glee to the MFD (Multi-Function Display) a device that looks like an electronic on-screen hamster cage complete with moving wheels, in the center of the dashboard.

Sure, I admit I was totally fascinated for the first few drives?those little spinning wheels simulating forward motion, the colored arrows flashing back and forth as the battery discharges and recharges.

“Must be a lot of distracted Prius drivers on the road,” I speculate, but he’s quick with a comeback.