CREDOS:Not alone — III

We took comfort in his strong, warm presence, and we felt safe with him near us. When we saw German come to attention and perk up his ears, and heard that low growl begin deep in his throat, we knew we were protected. As long as he was around, we never felt the need for someone’s else’s company or security.

As German became part of the family, he considered it his duty to check every bedroom to be sure each child was snug in bed. When he was satisfied that the last person was tucked in, he took up his position by the front door and remained there until the morning.

Each week, between German’s visits, I grew a little stronger, a little braver and more able to cope; every weekend I enjoyed his company. Then one Monday morning we patted his head and let him out for what turned out to be the last time. He never came back. We never saw or heard from German again. Though we all were disappointed with his absence, I can now understand how significant his presence had been to make me feel stronger and braver.

I think of him often. He came when I needed him the most and stayed until I was strong enough to go on alone. Maybe there is a perfectly natural explanataion for German’s visits to our house — maybe his owner went away on weekends —maybe. I believe German was sent because he was needed, and because no matter how abandoned and alone we feel, somewhere, someone knows and cares. We are never really alone. —