Go for your dreams and turn them into reality
Comfort zone
Illustration: Ratna Sagar Shrestha/ THT
If you are already bound by economical responsibilities, then you cannot take the risk to come out from your comfort zone. The same thing was also happening with me. I was in a dilemma whether to leave my job and pursue my further studies. It was not easy for me. Before taking any decision, I tried to find the answer to the why’s and how’s which became a very insightful reflection for me. I came to the conclusion to continue my job but as a part-timer. I talked with my boss and convinced him that company can also benefit from my higher degree. He happily agreed and supported me. And I realised that even from our comfort zone, we still can trace our ambition. All we need to do is develop positivity towards our circumstances. — Bishnu Subedi, Kalopul, Kathmandu I would like to share the story of one of my friends. He was doing a regular bank job but he wanted to do something else. Even though it was quite tough to leave a comfortable job, he quit and now he has established himself as an entrepreneur. He owns a restaurant at Baneshwor with a dream to open more chains at various locations in the coming days. — Gaurab Subedi, Koteshwor I was a teacher which was the profession of my choice. My days with the students and colleagues are beautiful memories for me, and are still vivid in my mind. As a teacher I was appreciated and loved by my beloved students. I was satisfied with the work I was doing and I used to think that it can’t be substituted by any other profession. As time passed by, I was in my comfort zone. But my life took a turn. Even though it was a tough decision, I opted for the job of a tour guide. I got selected for the training and gave it a go as a tour guide. It was so difficult for me to adjust and work as a tour guide initially. However, I have started to enjoy myself and my work. Now I’m proud to represent my county among different people of different countries, and I am fully content with it. — Subha Dangol, Bhainsepati It seems tough coming out from our comfort zone at times. Our comfort zone holds us back where our aspirations and dreams seem to be moving further away from us. In some situations, my comfort zone had dragged me down in life. Recently, during my independent study in my fourth semester of Master’s degree at Kathmandu University, we were supposed to work and hold a research study with students who came a long way from Denmark for a month to work with us. The group in which I was in had three Danish students and I was the only Nepali student. At first, I felt awkward thinking how would I cooperate and work with them as they were absolutely unknown to me and so I was with them. But after befriending and working with them, I build a good rapport with them gradually. And it was all possible when I tried coming out from my comfort zone and it turned out to be one of the most remarkable experiences for me. In my view, you should try to push yourself in coming out from your comfort zone and should try attempting new things. As a result you can experience and explore best of the things in life which you had feared before. — Tejaswi Pahari, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur We feel stuck in our life because we imagine too much but rarely move an inch to realise a concrete picture of our imagination. When we make a concrete picture of our imagination, we make our dreams, passions, missions and goals come true. I have dreamt of being a business man. But I am stuck because beginning is the hardest part. Business is my imagination and I don’t have a precise sketch of it. I am passionate about doing a business but in reality I feel like I am not because I haven’t initiated yet. It seems I am too much in my comfort zone that I fear to initiate and make a move towards my dream. I also fear that I may not succeed in business which is stopping me from achieving my dream. To materialise my dream, I need to break away from my fear and dare to take a step towards my dream. — Khem Sapkota Life is full of setbacks and compromises. Many times in life we prefer staying in a comfort zone. We just can’t control adverse situations. Eventually, we have no other option but to unfollow our heart. We feel stuck and we might be compelled to do odd jobs without any interest. This will have an adverse effect in our life in the long run while our aspirations and dreams seem to appear far away. If time and luck don’t favour us in such a harsh situation, we may be doomed. Currently I’m doing a stressful job which is not of my interest. Due to the compulsion of my family and my certain responsibility, I am stuck with a job that doesn’t interest me, for the last four years. And so I’m compelled to neglect and sacrifice my dream — to go to Kathmandu to study the subject of my interest and work in the media sector. However, I can’t leave my helpless mother alone here in my hometown, Tansen because my mother is important to me. — Sanjog Karki, Tansen-6, Basantapur, Palpa Being stuck is like a quicksand. The more we try to get out of it, the deeper we sink. We might already have tried every solution we can think of. But we are confused what to do next. When we feel stuck and see no way out, we have to do something different to get different results. We have to be honest with ourselves, learn how to make good decisions and look for guidance outside of ourselves. And we should stop making excuses and start building our way. — Aaditya Pathak Everyone including me loves doing things within the comfort zone but, it sometimes becomes tough to come out of that comfort zone while our dreams and aspirations drift away. My life has also encountered such situations numerous times as I also have indefinite dreams. Sometimes, I dream big for my simple life. Then I get stuck which leaves me in frustration. My frustration shatters me deep inside and leaves me emotionally defeated. I see no hopes. My hopelessness, frustration and anger leave me in tears but then again the same aspiration and objectives of life wake me up and stimulate me to go for it. — Sandhya Dangol, Bhainsepati Many times in life, we forget who we are and what our dreams were. But time waits for none. However, realising this very fact is the first step of tackling over such a circumstance. The next step is to recall the past, and realising what went wrong, we should pursue our dreams. Life is not a bed of roses. Things do not work the way we plan. Thus playing with circumstance is one quality we need to develop. We need to believe that it’s never too late to pave a new path that would lead to our dreams, ultimately. I practice this whenever I go through situations like these. Meditation and deep thinking (not overthinking) brings a time gap that helps me to find solutions and be optimistic towards the forthcoming life. Self-realisation is vital because no one except you can help you to get out of it. — Bishesh Dhakal It’s easy to dream of success. But, it’s difficult to get on with it. Being ambitious is just not enough but focus and perfect plan with implementation are required. I too feel stuck sometimes. Being in the comfort zone could separate me from my dream. So, I need to get out of it. If I ever find myself in this zone, I make myself clear about the disadvantages of the comfort zone at first, and try to break from it. Every day, I try to do things differently. I also take my comfort zone in my stride to achieve my dream. Sudden changes in my life might be risky. So, I would take time as much as I require so that I could interpret the change and plan successfully. I would make my destiny a passion. Making the habit of remaining attached to the plan could help me as well. — Sushant Babu Luitel Whenever life feels like too much, I remember that it will get better. I can never be stuck, because time keeps ticking. And I have to keep on moving. I do not keep myself in a quicksand. I can make changes and rekindle my sparks. I don’t focus on what I have left behind or what I have lost or what I have given up, because all these happen for good. I pay attention to what I know rather than repenting and getting stuck into situations of what to do and what not to do. Once when I feel comfortable it does not mean it will remain the same forever. I work harder to assure my all dreams and inspirations are moving ahead to better future. I focus on future by doing right things in the present, rather than being lost in comfortable situations. — Bipin Jha, Mahadevsthan, Kathmandu Being stuck in life is like being trapped in a dark well with slippery walls all around you — you just can’t find something to hold on and pull yourself up. There is nothing wrong in being stuck as it is a part of our life but the danger lies in getting comfortable with it. To get unstuck, first you need to accept that you are really stuck and take full responsibility for your stagnant situation. Stop the blame game; stop cursing the circumstances and stop comparing yourself with your friends who have got ahead. Your adverse situation as uniquely has modified you, take advantage of it. Understand that getting up is painful but letting yourself stuck in that situation is much more painful. Instead of frantically trying to work upon everything, concentrate your whole time and energy upon just one specific area of your life that needs your immediate attention. Hold unto it and with patience and persistence, you will free yourself slowly from every stagnant situation. With time the situation will ease itself. The mantra to use here is “let me find just one edge on the wall to hold upon and I will climb the Everest”. — Umesh Pandey, Ratopul, Kathmandu In my opinion, everybody has their dreams and aspirations, and hopes to achieve those dreams. This is something that keeps us alive, and motivates us to carry on every day. The highest goals, the most important dreams always lie outside our comfort zone helping us grow and expand in the process. On the way to our dreams, falling down, feeling stuck, feeling hopeless are all feelings that each one of us at one point or the other have definitely felt. However the key is to identify our important goals — the goals that ignite the fire within us, bring out the joy in us, and following those dreams and seeing what amazing places they might take us to. To look at every obstacle as an opportunity and to make the best out of this very moment is what keeps me going. — Aanvi Many aim for successful life but only some succeed. But it does not mean that we can’t strive for success and it’s not our task. One who dreams of future and works hard accordingly are the persons who secure successful life. Many people say that life is incomplete without enjoyment and recreation but I strongly opine that life is worthless without dreams, aspirations and ambitions. People who keep recreational activities and comfort aside and prioritise his/her goals and cherish dreams move forward in every step of life without falling. But dreamless persons who stick to comfort and enjoyment leaving behind their aims and goals go unnoticed. I am a Class XII student and I am concerned about my future. I am aware about my life and aspirations and my responsibility towards my family. I am focused on my studies and enjoy my profession without taking it as burden. Though I play games, watch TV, use computers, go for movies, I work according to my time plan. Even if I engage in recreational activities, half of my mind is always thinking about my studies and college assignments. — Madhav Ghimire, Ratopul I believe life is all about moving with time. I’ve a dream — to do something great for others and to inspire the world. For that purpose I got to be consistent and dedicated towards my work. But I get stuck in life many times due to circumstances. There are family problems; lack of support, lack of money or health problems distract me a lot. I studied the life history of many famous personalities to know how they tackle their problems and move forward. Whenever the situation gets worse I stay relaxed, calm, focused and self motivated and analyse what the problem is and how to handle it. I ask myself who I am and why I am living for and find reason for my strength. — Anonymous I am confused about whether I should go on learning Japanese language or not. It is a fact that I have not been able to make the correct decision which is required in my life. Of course everyone knows that in order to become successful in life, one should not only be laborious and lucky, decision-making also helps a great deal. This is really not the first instance in my life that such a situation has occurred to me. I have come across such kind of situations many times in my life. For the matter of fact, whether I will be learning the language in the future or not, it will only be decided by me because I have full right over my life and I should always make myself clear whenever I will have to do something needful. — Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar, Baneshwor When I was 14 and studying in Class IX, I failed in an examination. Not only in one subject but I failed in six subjects. According to Nossorat, “If you want something, you never had: then do something you never did.” So my hopes did not end here. I have always been positive and thinking positive has been the key to my successes. And I have become successful in pursuing a graduate degree in agriculture from IAAS and I am on my journey to the US soon. So, to come out of your comfortable place, one has to think positive and follow you dream passionately. Truth is our leader while hope is our medicine. An indomitable will is our enzyme to catalyse our stress and finally we are able to overcome challenges of our life. — Anonymous Dream is the imagination that disturbs our comfort zone. Dreams make people work more, think more, struggle more, eat less and rest less. Sometimes, in many cases, people forget their final destination and get stuck in their normal okay life. The reasons behind this are environment, peer relations, satisfactory job and good love. Normally, Nepali people feel comfortable in an average life. We do not want to think much about the future because generally we are cool in nature and easy-going. When I was 17, I was the most comfortable person on earth. At that time, I worked less, thought less, struggled less, ate more and rested more. Drinking, laughing wildly, gossiping, travelling, playing, dancing blindly and relaxing were the most memorable part of my life. Luckily, at the age of 20, I realised that I was too comfortable that it was distracting me from converting my dreams into reality. Somehow, I have managed to walk on a clear and realistic path. I am aware enough to know that excessive amount of comfort will destroy our dreams. I started reading more to get knowledge and even more to gain wisdom. I read inspiring books and stay more with good people. — U-Dhir KC, Jorpati, Kathmandu