Easy life

The complex nature of one set cannot be understood by other bunch of peoples. ‘Human Rights’ is a complex term for a medical student and ‘broadcasting’ can be a complex term for people involved in the financial sector.

This is the reason why the world is now looking for simple sets. The task that mainframe computer used to do back in the early era is now done by simple calculators today. We no longer have to pump water from the tube well, we rather seek for some buttons for the water to pour down. We don’t want to switch off light before going to sleep, we rather prefer to use the bed switch near our bed.

Technologies are bringing comfort in our life, and we want complexities to be complex, and the simple to be the simplest. We no longer want to type on the keyboards of a computer, and hence there is a voice recognition that is in implementation now.

So, simple is getting simpler. Life has been turning out to be easier because we don’t require a multiplication table to multiply; we can simply do it by the calculator that are in our cell phone.

This has raised the question of our laziness, our ignorance and carelessness. What would the next generation have to deal with? How would their living style be and how would they study? Would they study multiplication table? And, even if they do, would they learn it by heart like our generation did? I sometimes wonder, would they even carry books to school? Or will they be with tablets then? Life is getting simpler indeed, but again from the other angle it is making our mind dumb and docile.

We are losing our creativity, we are working slowly, we don’t walk a bit, we want vehicles. Students don’t listen to their teacher in the class, and they end up browsing You Tube videos. One of my brothers who studies in grade eight barely listens to his teachers in class, and if he gets confused later, he looks for the video in You Tube.

It is understood that technological advancement is one important feature of our life, and if we cannot move as per the technological advancement we will be lagging behind. But, at the same time, there has to be a natural effort too. You travel the whole day in your car, and running thirty minutes in a gym makes sense, and you should do it. Moving ahead with the speed of technology is good, and we should be determined to move ahead understanding it!