Security first

The deteriorating law and order situation has the people all worried with incidences of criminal activities showing no signs of abating despite repeated assurances from the authorities that they would be dealt with. Crimes like killings, kidnappings, extortions, rapes and manhandling are very common

and there are no signs of these abating unless remedial measures are taken. This is a challenge to the

law enforcement authorities and as security is

the overriding concern of all citizens something

had to be done to reassure the common man that

this basic need was addressed. Thus, it is with very much hope pinned on it the people will be looking up to the Special Security Programme 2006 launched Sunday that seeks to improve the law and order situation in the country. By recruiting 10,000 additional personnel in the three security forces, namely the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and National Investigation Department (NID) the programme envisages beefing up the security apparatus. Plans are also there to make the (NID) more efficient and on par with that in other SAARC countries.

Furthermore, steps are now underway to mobilize special security task forces that would be equipped with the necessary logistics and technological accessories. This would help build the morale of the

security forces also considering that the government together with this has now decided to promote police officers who are serving in areas regarded as security sensitive. The government should also come up with other measures that works towards attracting the best talents to the security forces.

In the beginning, the special task forces are to

be mobilized in 21 sensitive districts that also includes the three districts of Kathmandu. No doubt, their task would not be easy. What we are seeing

now is virtual chaos in many parts of the country with not only criminal activities but bandhs and the obstruction of the highways being common occurrences which the present security apparatus is apparently unable to deal with.

Therefore, we see the law being opening flouted and impunity being the norm making it difficult to nab the culprits and bringing them to book. Since impunity comes mostly from the backing of the higher ups in the political parties, the political leaders are also to be blamed for this state of affairs. Occasionally, some crimes grab media attention but there are many more similar events that go unreported with many innocent people falling victims. So as to give the people a feeling of security the task forces should be easily accessible. Now it must be acknowledged that the present security forces are hard put to deal with all of the misdoings. Thus, the step to recruit more security personnel is the need of the hour. Furthermore, what is a matter of immense concern is the culture of corruption that is continuing to grow alongside other criminal activities. Also a matter that should be looked into is the growing practice of hoarding of essential commodities creatng artificial shortages that results in the price rise of essential commodities. Here, too, the security bodies could make a difference.

In the menu

The price list story seems to have been handed down since quite distant times. Every now and then, the administration suddenly wakes up to make the decision for every shop to display prominently the day-to-day list of commodity prices. When the announcement is made, the consumers are more than delighted that something is being done for their sake. Yet, when it comes to the monitoring and implementation part of the action plan it has always been a disappointing tale. It is more like getting a cliché in place for public consumption rather than the emergence of some concrete results.

In this connection, the price rise scared

consumers had been waiting for long for the government to swing into action. A few warehouses

raided and sealed and the decision to monitor

the price lists in shops may seem like whiffs of fresh air, a rare ‘commodity’ out here in the Kathmandu valley. But, how long or how many days the action packed drama will last can be a matter to conjecture about. When the government stands with the support of the majority of the parties in the CA, it stands to reason that it live up to the promises for the welfare of the common harassed lot.