Internet is the most efficient medium, which has instantly narrowed down the entire world. Internet indeed, has become an inevitable part of our lives. However, as everything in this world possesses both positive and negative sides, so does internet. Its demerits can simply be seen as its misuse by users. Since, internet users are educated people, it is not possible to completely curb the trend of abusing Internet. But some strict rules can be implied on its users, which could certainly discourage them from abusing it. Users must be cautious themselves regarding its use. Nevertheless, one must genuinely utilise facilities of internet that have developed extremely these days, rather than creating problems for others. Internet is indeed a valuable achievement as it has made it possible to get so much information by using it. So, make the best use out of it instead of abusing it.
— Barsha Sharma,
RR College
n When laws do not act properly, its citizens, on whom the responsibility comes, and encouraging others about the right use of internet is what we can do.
First of all we have to teach juniors, as they are future generation of our country, about the good aspects of internet and they should be kept away from the bad things as far as possible.
The second thing is encouragement through realisation. People should be convinced and made to realise that internet is made for our convenience and abusing it will result in our own difficulty in the future. The third thing that we can do is avoiding bad aspects and illegal websites thus discouraging those unnecessary websites.
— Navalok Sharma
n Access to Internet has truly proved the world to be a global village. People, wherever on earth, are now only a click away from each other. Physical distance is not a barrier for communicating with our near and dear ones. In spite of so many advantages, some youngsters are misusing the Internet. To avoid its misuse, we can encourage adolescents to opt for healthy chitchats and children can be motivated to read school columns. Schools should provide children with appropriate computer games as well as provide access only to interesting stories and materials on the Internet. To sum up, people have to be encouraged for healthy use of the Internet to obtain its benefits rather than abusing it.
— Cool Cristofer,
Lake Side
n Every invention has both advantages and disadvantages. So, is the case with Internet. The advantage of Internet is that instant communication is possible between people in any part of the world. Now we can talk quickly to each other among the people of the world and can solve our problems communicating through Internet. Of course, there are also some disadvantages. Vulgar pictures on internet fascinate youths which may lead them towards the wrong direction. In case it is being used in the wrong manner, elderly family members must check their young children so as to prevent them from misusing the Internet.
— Mohan Narshingh Shrestha, Kunpondole
n Everything has both positive as well as negative sides. Similarly, today use of Internet seems to be like oxygen, without which it is impossible for us to survive. Internet has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. From students to businessmen, internet is much essential in its own ways for everyone. I think, if one utilises the internet in proper and right way, then one can definitely learn many new and interesting things through it and be updated with changing technology. Internet helps to connect with our loved ones who are far from us. Most people are lost in chat-world, using websites.
So, in order to encourage people for its real use rather than misusing it, I think, first of all awareness has to be raised among users regarding proper usage and benefits of internet from school level and in colleges too. Students should also be provided information regarding changing technology and development. In this way, one can understand right way of using internet.
— Neeta Shrestha, Shanker Dev Campus
n There are both pros and cons of the development of internet because it is easily accessible to all. In present context internet is the most powerful tool. The world has become just a global village due to internet. Usually teenagers are almost addicted to internet. They visit porn sites and uselessly play internet games for hours, which not only wastes their time but also imbues their minds with negative thoughts. To control such rampant misuse of internet such sites should be blocked along with government's strong monitoring system to penalise abusers. Cabins in cyber-cafes should be banned. Parents should also supervise their children when they are using internet.
— Hareram Pradhan, Satdobato
n Surfing internet has become really common these days. There is no age bar for its use. Anyone from any corner of the world can easily communicate with each other, making the world a smaller place. Since anyone can surf it with much ease, there has been a great misuse of it along with its positive aspects. Specially focusing on children, they are so keen towards online games that their studies are being hampered due to this. They do not concentrate on their school works and keep playing games on the net. Hacking other's password is one of the greatest misuses of the internet. This has been increasing these days; this may spoil other's important documents and so on. Others like exploring various unknown sites are not only misuse of internet but also misuse of time. For me doing this is nothing but sending invitation to virus to enter your hard disk. So, as for its solution people should be taught advantages of internet rather than taking selfish advantages. Even parents should be concerned about their children and restrict not to use internet for a long time. This might probably be useful to stop the misuse internet.
— Hima Sharma,
n The internet serves an evolutionary role as it brings people together through knowledge and collaboration. Nowadays, people are excessively using internet but in wrong ways, mostly the younger generation. Children usually go to cyber cafes and misuse the internet. Parent's duty is to make them aware about it negative sides. The right use of internet could be fruitful for anyone.
— Suresh Jaiswal, BIA
n Use of internet at home or at workplace has tremendously enhanced the effectiveness in the work place. With all the advantages of internet in the ever evolving global era, internet has been misused also. When we click the mouse we are unknowingly transferring many information to others. This information grabber might use it for their personal use. For this, general people should not leave their e-mail ID on unreliable sites they are surfing. Internet has been misused in the office also, people laying aside their work and using on internet to either search for a new job or surfing other entertainment sites. Supervisors must continuously motivate employees to reduce misuse of internet and encourage enhancing their productivity through it. Some sites should be restricted from the main server.
Children instead of learning through the internet spend time downloading movies, music or games. Teachers at school should encourage students to use internet to gather information for the topics that will be taught in the next session. This way they will cultivate habit to make good use of internet. From the childhood children should be taught that downloading videos and music for free is a cyber theft and is illegal.
— Yojana L Rajouria, Ace Institute of Managementn People are misusing technology and genuine concept behind development of internet has been overshadowed. People having criminal attitude have been using internet to boost up their crimes and criminal activities. Internet has become a tool to play foul games and cheating people. At the same time, there are some others who consider internet as an entertaining instrument. Spending hours on the net and chatting with friends and loved ones has been the new craze amongst teenagers. The way theses group of people are handling the internet has overshadowed the holistic reasons behind the development of internet. Honestly speaking, no technology in itself is bad or good. It is the user who make the best and worst use of it. And internet can not be an exception to it. Thus internet users should be aware about the fact that internet is a system developed for the benefit of mankind and to reap the benefits out of it one should apply it in an appropriate way. — Ambika Pandey,