Enforce with resolve

The enforcement of the much-awaited Electronic Transaction Act-2006 and its regulations has cleared the way for the prosecution of cyber criminals who had till date enjoyed a state of impunity in the absence of a relevant law. It has also spelled out ways to regulate various computer-based activities by setting up a legal framework and administrative and application mechanism for electronic transactions and digital signature. A separate judicial body has been envisaged to look into the cases of computer and cyber crimes. The new regulations will allow law enforcement agencies to punish those guilty of crimes like hacking, piracy, copyrights violation and other fraudulent activities. They also emphsise the use of electronic medium to call for tender notice, vacancy announcement, validate public procurement and submission of electronic applications.

With the growing number of computer users, the cases of piracy and violation of copyrights have also gone up. Incidents of hacking — unauthorised access to data — have also seen a sharp hike. The Electronic Transaction Act-2006 comes as a great relief to those beset by e-crimes. Similarly, the institution of e-transactions is expected to save considerable time and effort of the customers of public utilities like drinking water and electricity. Likewise, transactions will be speedy and cost-effective. But people will only enjoy the fruits of the new Act if it’s enforced with resolve. Towards this end, it is important to develop qualified manpower in the field. The Act was long time in the coming, its implementation should not.