Experience matters

Albert Einstein once said, “We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking that created them”. We have to get out of fossil fuels and move to new clean technologies. The question is, how? How can multilateral development banks bring new technology and innovation in their operations if they don’t hire young, inexperienced people? While I was making my case to recruit the young engineers, I remembered an ‘impossible’ task I did when I was a young engineer myself many years ago.

My challenge was to design and build an extra floor on the roof of my boss’s house, which everyone told me could not be done. The house was over ten years old, and its second storey was built on a 5-inch non-load-bearing wall. We could only build another floor on top, if the existing walls could bear the extra load or if we could insert new columns. Money was not a problem, and I had an army of experienced builders to help me. — blogs.adb.org/blog