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Faith accompli: More than touch and go mumbo jumbo

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The human body is nothing but our visible core. Diffused far around it are two concentric lepton ‘shells’. When two individuals approach one another, the ‘shells’ come into contact, offering a channel for the transmission of information. Take for example, the case of a mother and child, or two lovers — where the ‘shells’ are common. They account for their ‘togetherness’ 

Tales of ‘miracle’ cures, or spontaneous healing, that emerge on the basis of faith, where the visually-challenged see, the hearing-impaired hear or the disabled walk, are legion.

The fact is: science has no respect for miracles. Yet, it is everyday knowledge that science has delved into the existence of such, as yet, unexplained phenomena.

Psychotronics, the study of parapsychology, provides refined bearings for scientific inquiry into such incredible —or weird healing—outcomes.

It is touted as a bright tool too for diagnosing certain mind-body illnesses and their treatment.

This includes the use of extrasensory perception (ESP).

To highlight one example: when persons ‘will’ themselves to death, a ‘voodoo practice’. The tipping point is, no past, or contemporary, scientific knowledge is able to explain the basis of such a paranormal happening, or what is accepted as real, or illusory, curse by ‘tribal’ practitioners. To highlight yet another corollary — have we not heard of elderly women in the countryside who ‘cure’ eczema or place a ‘spell’ against a bad headache, toothache, allergies, stammering and paralysis? — a family attribute handed down from one generation to the other.

There is also evidence of one Russian psychiatrist who knew how to put a ‘hold’ to cure erysipelas, a skin disorder. Maybe, the fact is that our sense organs have lost their pristine sense of acuity today, thanks to technological progress and misuse. You’d also blame it on our modern, nonchalant attitude that has led to the loss of our congenial ability to ‘feel’ the world around us, unlike our forebears.

Faith healing has been in vogue from time immemorial.

Physical contact is not essential for the healing effect to ensue, as maybe a prayer or televised communication.

Though the laying of hands, the basis of the technique, for effecting a cure has been studied for a long time, it has not been so well understood, notwithstanding the fact that rare, spur-of-the-moment cures, even in cancer states, have been reported under the technique. The most popular observation, for proponents, is that faith healing produces ‘good results’ in ‘patients’ suffering from certain ailments and other flare-ups, influenced by the mind — for example, migraine, asthma or allergic rashes.

There is a paradigm that highlights certain particles called ‘leptons’, smaller than atomic nuclei, which have the ability to pass through living and non-living objects. It claims that such micro-particles are, in fact, carriers of thoughts, feelings, moods and information about the universe — of the past and future. It contends that the phenomena of clairvoyance and telepathy, the two principal components of ESP, may take place through the interaction of lepton ‘gas’ with material objects and the human brain.

The human body, the hypothesis suggests, is nothing but our visible core. Diffused far around it are two concentric lepton ‘shells’.

When two individuals approach one another, the ‘shells’ come into contact, offering a channel for the transmission of information.

Take for example, the case of a mother and child, or two lovers — where the ‘shells’ are common. They account for their ‘togetherness’ — each with a different feeling or emotional connotation.

There are purported instances of faith healers, or soothsayers, ‘curing’ hundreds of ‘patients’ in stadia or ‘killing pain’, over television, during surgeries conducted thousands of miles away. Some faith healers go a step further with it —they claim to ‘cure’ obesity, infertility, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin diseases and, to top it all, AIDS.

Their elucidation is in line with a whole, new idea: “We heal because we can project on people their own biological field, irrespective of distance.”

The reason being — all living cells generate electromagnetic pulses. This is best explained by way of experiments on Very High Frequency (VHF) radiation from living organisms — just as much as physicists are assaying studies on electric and magnetic fields which carry suitable information on the condition and functioning of our body organs. Yet another area of intense research is infra-red radiation and its effects on the human body, not to speak of its potential for diagnosis of disease or illness.

The whole fulcrum of such forays quantifies Eastern philosophy— how the mind connects, or relates, to the body in health and illness. It explicates the therapeutic benefits of complementary therapies, like hypnosis and biofeedback too, through which the relationship between our mind and body is used for medical treatment — especially in psychosomatic and functional disorders.

It brings us to the fact that no instrument can, as yet, determine the general state of the environment, much less the dimension of its influence on us. This makes it imperative for science to play a paramount role— to broaden our outlook, activate our hearing, eyesight, other senses, including perception — and, help decipher the direction of the magnetic field, while baring the real hidden truth of miracle cures.

Yet, one thing is apparent in the context of such healing with its incredibly diffusing keynote being more than a question of faith.

What’s more, its pivotal ‘plug’, or ‘sleight of hand’, is as evident as it can be — just as our misplaced vulnerabilities and dependence on miracle healing, even if they be skewed or irrational, continue to excite, perforce help, disturb and annoy modern medical science’s focussed endeavour to dissecting and unravelling their ‘touch and go’ balderdash.

Nidamboor is a wellness physician, independent researcher and author 

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