Fast track guffaws

Just think. And, you realize that thoughts travel at just too fast a speed. It’s the mind after all. The body is but a creaky old stuff when you have the idea of matching them up. It’s but natural that there is never a lack of those who go the pompous way of bringing the fast track into the physical infrastructure. Vanity can never be the vehicle to play pranks with the slow paced lifestyle that we are so accustomed to. A breach would invite more than that had been bargained for.

The leisurely paced character gets a jolt of his/her life time just on the mention that the fast track mode is to be implemented at the earliest. Coming from the higher ups in the political hierarchy, it sure sounds as if business is meant. What would a simpleton make out of the fast track verbal onslaught? The best that one can think of is the reduction in the time duration for any activity one can think of or have experienced or imagined.

There may be reasons to put up cheer banners for something that would cut down on the time spent on any activity and thereby the effort, investment and what not. But, it will be the biggest wonder on the other side of the fence coming to gastronomic adventures. The case will be lost all because the whole pleasure of the palate is to bide in time savouring every morsel for the uniqueness of its chemical composition to give that ever-lasting catharsis. The fast track formula falls flat on this pole vault attempt.

Maybe reaching your village in

two hours instead of the six might be a delight. But, after this fast one, it would again give the idea of another reduction. Yeah, but wait. The fast track talk may be fine to fill in the blank spaces of inaction. Coming back to the source of the talk, one can think unfailingly of our esteemed political stalwarts who bring about dramatic change of scenario but the mission barely moves an inch.

And, think of their guts to talk of bringing about drastic transformations within almost no time. If their babbles could materialize the fast track dream, one needn’t have to be slogging all day long for that simple looking square meal a day. Let our leaders remain dreamers for that would not spoil our day. Let them talk fast track knowing well that they are only creating the harmless sound waves with a low decibel.