From the top

The world should heed what Apa Sherpa has to say about climate change and how the glaciers are retreating from the mountains. Apa Sherpa, the legendary mountaineer, has made a record 19th ascent of Mount Everest. However, the government has yet to make any official statements on this heroic feat. Of course, the politics in the country is getting heightened attention after the swearing in of the new Prime Minister. This is no excuse, however, and the government ought to be doing something in this regard when the media elsewhere were highlighting this achievement. No wonder mountaineers like Apa have made their displeasure known in the absence of being provided with due recognition.

In the meantime, who else but Apa is the ideal person to voice the concern about the fact that if the present global warming continues it is believed that the glaciers in the Himalayas will disappear in a span of just 25 years from now. Apa has made his latest ascent of Everest to drive this point home. All should join in this endeavour and do something about it.