Games people play

People always come up with ideas to place themselves in the record books. There is nothing wrong with it as long as they do it for the heck of it, and have fun. This time around there are a bunch of guys from London planning to play a cricket game on a plateau of Mount Everest. You got to give them credit for their grit for playing under these conditions would be “like breathing through a straw”. So these chaps would be having a whale of a time and at the same getting their names registered in the Guinness Book of Records for being the first to play this game 16,945 feet high on the lofty, highest Himalayan peak’s laps. There will be much wheezing and panting as the players run up and down the pitch batting, bowling and fielding. They plan to play irrespective of the weather conditions there, all going to show that they are serious about the whole thing.

That the game will be beamed to Lord’s should give them the publicity to raise funds which they intend to raise for the sake of helping young people play sports. This would also do this country good by the way of publicity for tourism purposes at a time when this industry is in dire straits. Just the other day it was reported that Nepal was the second best destination as far as adventure tourism was concerned. Pats on the back to these intrepid Londoners who will help promote cricket and give Nepal much needed publicity after what Hillary and Tenzing did.