Whoever visits Japan in spring will go for Hanami and enjoy it for sure. Being an admirer of nature, going to Hanami was on my priority list - as one of the ‘things-must-do-in-Japan’. Last Saturday, we went for Hanami and I am so glad I didn’t skip it! Literally, ‘Hana’ means flowers and ‘mi’ means to see. However Hanami generally means “Sakura viewing”. Basically on a Hanami, you enjoy a leisurely stroll, appreciating beautiful cherry blossoms and have a picnic party. With other Nepali scholars who have been here for a pretty long time, we took a train from Sendai Fukushi University to Sendai Station and again moved towards Ogawara. Our location was about 30 minutes south of Sendai with long Shiroshi river flowing gently by. This 8 km long river stretch had cherry blossom trees placed along the edges of the river. It is said that around 1200 Sakura trees are planted on both sides of the river. “Hitome Senbonzakura” is a popular spot in this area ... — zappylily.blogspot.com/