Hang in there

I remember Navy boot camp like it was yesterday. An event that occurred on my 2nd day still causes me to pause when I reflect on it. You can tell a new person

to boot camp from someone who is about to

graduate based upon their clothes and ribbons. It

was clearly my second day from what I was wearing. I was walking single file with my unit down a hall and a sailor, who was about to graduate, passed us.

He must have noticed my expression. It without a doubt said, ‘I am tired, intimidated, scared and hungry.’ You can’t talk when walking in formation, therefore he whispered out

of the side of his mouth as we passed...’Hang in there...you can do it.’

I knew that the only reason he knew what I was

feeling is that because he had been where I was and felt how I felt. He had made it and wanted me to know that I could as well. I was eternally grateful.

Then it was my turn. On my graduation day I walked into a storage facility and saw three sailors leaning up against the wall. They were new and scared, intimidated, tired and hungry. I walked over to them and whispered, ‘Hang in there...you can do it.’ Within 1 second tears filled the eyes of the female sailor and one of the males clenched his first and gave me a million thanks with his eyes.

As I walked away I had goose bumps. I knew that my words would be motivation for the rest of the day and fuel every night to keep them focused on their goal of graduation when they wanted to quit.

If you are in a valley, then remember this. Others have been there (including myself) and hang in there. You can do it. Whether your goal is boot camp graduation, building a business or a raising a family... since others have done it... you can too. Hang in there. — achieveezine.com