Hazards of plastic bags

Plastic bags are used by one and all but what we don’t realise is that the overuse of polythene bags poses a great danger to our lives causing damage to our environment. Plastic bags are rapidly becoming popular among the consumers and retailers due to their convenience and functionality, and they come at a relatively low cost. The maximum use of polythene bags today has become a matter of great health concern to everyone in Nepal.

They are one of the modern conveniences that we seem to be unable to do without. Be it in big markets, small markets, and home or elsewhere the consumption of polythene bags has gone to an all-time high. The human population may go down, but the number of poly bags will never stop going up until and unless we reduce the use of them.  The 21st century has witnessed major developments, which have had a momentous impact not only on the lives of human beings but also on our planet earth.

One of the major mistakes which man has committed is using hazardous polythene indiscriminately. It steps into the world but, unlike the rest of us, doesn’t ever step out.

It doesn’t have teeth, tentacles and it cannot sting. But it is far more dangerous than anything that you can think of. It takes one million years to degrade. Let us understand how destructive it is. Polythene is a compound that is a non-biodegradable. That means it refuses to go back to earth. It suffocates life and can be extremely dangerous to humans and all other forms of life.

Poly bags are very susceptible to fire. They burn faster than paper or cloth because of their synthetic nature. When burnt, these bags produce an enormous amount of toxins and pollutants. Poly bags take up a lot of space in the dumping ground. Recycled (more than once or twice) plastic can become extremely unhygienic. Polythene pollutes the environment and is a serious health hazard. It prevents the growth of plants if the soil is covered with it.

Now, there are reasons and alternatives enough for you to stop using poly bags. We are all aware about the problems the planet earth is facing. So take a break, relax and then give the matter a serious thought and take a decision once and for all for our survival on our great planet.If we set an example, others will not be embarrassed into following suit. “When our motives and intentions are noble, all our actions become good,” says a great philosopher.