How I see it

I have encountered a few things that have pretty much impacted   me. Most of us are aware that things are getting worse day by day. It is quite apparent that over the past decades the people of Nepal have suffered a lot due to instability in politics and insurgency, which has made the country suffer. They have impacted the economy by stagnating development programs.

Nepal is rich in cultural diversity. Many languages are spoken and different fests are observed in this territory among the different ethnic groups. However, the government and the various political parties have not yet given enough attention to maintaining peace and harmony among the citizens, instead they are playing a disgusting game by provoking the people in the name of equality and recognition. Only knowing the social norms and values will not necessarily play a crucial part in getting social justice and recognition, rather everyone must be proud to be a Nepali.

Social recognition is a fundamental tool of identity that reflects the individual’s culture and history. Everyone must be aware about their obligation towards their nation before they raise their voice for rights. What should be the social responsibility is a major question, and one must think about it.

Perhaps I might be wrong somewhere while pouring down my sentiments, which may not be giving a clear picture regarding the present circumstances of the nation. Nevertheless, these issues have a significant impact on every one of us. I feel pity for this nation’s plight. We know about the natural resources which are there in abundance. Are we capable of making use of most of them?

Why are we lagging behind? Are we seeking international help or investors to access all means of infrastructure? Undoubtedly, yes we are, since we have discovered and realized that our politicians and their institutions have crippled not only the system but also the development programs. In fact, the political parties and their useless agendas have ruined and broken our hope, peace and belief in them.

Instead of making strong decisions and marching up to the peak, we are marching down. In addition to that, we are suffering from natural calamities almost every year, which are inevitable. However to some extent its effects can be minimized by arranging groups of well trained special rescue teams so that lives and property can be saved.