I and we

Why do we use capital ‘I’ everywhere in our writing? Why do our English teachers correct us when we write small ‘i’ alone? These queries seem simple but we need to think for a moment to address them. It is veracious that we have to use capital ‘I’ as per rule if we are using it separately. But, in today’s world, ‘I culture’ is dilating massively. The meaning of exclusive ‘I’ seems to be praising the self. As we pretend ourselves to be superior with colossal ideas, ‘I’ seems to take part in our superiority.

In this selfish world, almost all the people reckon own benefits. I, mine, my etc. are the appellations that people have within their minds. They desire to have meat on their side and bone for others. To get meat, they are ready to take any actions. At any cost, they want their bright future but there is no limitation to judge their brightness. After earning a lot too, they rarely have sound sleep. Tension appears in utilizing money. Tension creates diseases and diseases create poor health. The mode of life turns beyond satisfaction as they follow easy ways to earn.

It does not mean that we do not need money. The matter is how much we can be satisfied by the process that we are using for earning. There is no doubt that the earnings through wrong processes cannot bring real happiness. To get real happiness, we should to earn by labouring hard. Money earned through hard labour never creates tension. If there is no tension, there is satisfaction. In this case, the person can proudly teach others about the value of hard labour. .

There is no lack of selfless people in this world. Some are selflessly devoted to their works. They are really appreciative whom we have to salute without any hesitation. But, there are also other so called selfless people who pretend to help others only to fulfill their personal needs. Such people negatively interpret the meanings and create obstacles to real selfless people. It is all about the influence of ‘I culture’. The selfish people always become jealous of the success of hard workers and want to pull their legs.

It is essential to replace exclusive ‘I’ by inclusive ‘we’. Only in saying we are referring to the ‘we culture’ but in reality we are applying ‘I culture’. Time has come to think seriously and play the role of an initiator for the welfare of all people and all round development of the country. One needs desire to initiate it and this initiator immediately becomes a real hero in the eyes of country people.