INKED! For a purpose

It is a personal choice to get either inked as a fad or as a tribute. But tattoo is one piece of art that one takes to one’s grave. Our readers suggest one should be sure to get one

which one will not regret getting

Tattooing for me is an act that the majority of society dislikes. I don’t find any advantage in wasting our moist and natural skin turning into deadly or shall I say into an ugly one. In fact the injections used in making the tattoo, if not well cleaned, one can have a serious infection leading to various diseases. The one who get tattoos are the ones who do not get time to clean their hands or take care of their tattoos and we can even regard such people with tattoos as unhygienic. Therefore, I strongly disagree with the idea of getting tattoos and I want to aware all readers to stop getting tattoos. If you have one, then remove it right now because society gets a bad impression if you have a tattoo.

— Bipana Gyawali, Kathmandu


I don’t like tattoos and I don’t want to get one. Getting a tattoo is hard and it hurts a lot. We have to do it with ink and needles, not with a stamp, so it takes a long time to get it. Erasing it is another painful process. It is expensive to get a tattoo. We have to make tattoos with needles which are really sharp and painful. Looking at the design I think tattoos are attractive, but the process is too painful. I would rather look at the gorgeous designs on the Internet.

— Mini Tamang, Class III


Getting a tattoo means to have something permanent throughout our life. Its people’s individual decision and nobody’s character should be judged because of it. Some people get tattoo to fit in, some in the memory of their loved ones, some get it to show their feelings on certain matters like rape, suicide, discrimination or peace, and others get it just to look cool. I’ve also planned to get two tattoos on my body. The first one would be small black flying birds near my heart symbolising freedom of negatively from the heart. And the second one would be a simple semi-colon on my left wrist which would symbolise continuity in life. Like the writer ends the sentence with a full stop, but chooses semi-colon to continue, it would mean to continue life even after many problems and circumstances.

— Jyoti Sharma, Birgunj

Tattoo has become a fashion in recent days. In many countries and even Nepal, some people have the culture of inking on their body parts. In fact, it is one good medium of artistic expression— art is immortal and it is one of the finest ways to express our emotions, feelings and dedication to something or for somebody. We often ink our body with the most lovable and important subject matter.

I also have a great passion to get a tattoo on my hand. Without a doubt I will ink the name of my beloved Manisha as she is the most adorable and precious person for me in the whole world. I won’t think even a second to choose her name to ink because she is the lucky charm for me. She is my source of my inspiration, motivation and happiness. If I tattoo her name on my hand, I can see and remember her any time. That way she is always with me, in my each and every situation. When I take a look at her name on my hand, it would help me to smile, motivate and control myself from bad behaviour.

— Tribikram Ghimire, Chitwan


Tattooing is a holistic spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical experience that is permanent at every level. Tattoos are extremely personal, and while they might seem modern, cool and trendy, they mean much more than a shape or symbol. For me, I would like to tattoo my neck part. Our face is always being watched but not from the neck below. The art at neck glows the beauty of face and identity. In our religious point of view, a dhanus has a great identity and importance. According to some Hindu mystical thinkers, this sign represents the nine Brahmas or Prajapatis who assisted in building the material universe. A dhanus on my neck would symbolise the power of material universe, which represents a resistive power to dhanus itself — death. Resistance to death means, I live with the power of joy.

— Samiksha


The system of getting tattoo dates back to 5,000 years. It is common practice to get tattoos of birds, animals, one’s name, signature or the picture of things they like. People ink for different reasons such as in memory of their loved ones, to represent their culture, to become unique and to show others who they are or to feel good. It has a negative aspect as well. Some people get tattoos to attract the opposite sex or create negative thoughts towards them. People may also be addicted to tattoo and pain.

I don’t want a tattoo because I don’t want to be inked with any sign. I cannot bear the pain and the blood that can harm me. I don’t need any tattoo to show others who I am. I can see beyond the skin and I can see the goodness within me and others as well. My work, thought and personality give my identity. However, I like people with tattoos on their necks. It looks cool and attractive.

— Subhamitta


Tattoo may refer to anything to different people but getting inked for me refers to a way of self explaining, something which has a great significance in our life. It’s not just inked images, it’s of something of such importance that we are ready to modify our body. I am planning to get a tattoo of the word MA in Devanagari, on the lower part of my neck. This is because I still have a glimpse of image within me of my mum securing me on her back with a shawl and doing the work the whole day. Soon I will be getting inked and will show it to her.

— Ayush Shrivastav


A permanent coat of art is a tattoo. It presents someone’s connection with something. I think tattoo exposes a beauty in us. It is not a hidden art. I would like to have a tattoo that resembles the beauty of the nature like tattoo of flowers, feathers, tree, et cetera or their combination. It must be precisely made that anyone who sees it would speak of its beauty on its first sight. And I would like to have it on my palm or on my upper back.

— Samiksha Sharma


Tattoo influences everyone by its impression. I also love to have a tattoo of a skull on my arm because the skull represents something fearful, which I can use to make others afraid. Imprinting tattoo on different parts of body might be someone’s hobby, but not mine. Thus, I want to enjoy nature’s impressions rather than making rough sketch on body portions.

— Deepa Adhikari, Baidam, Pokhara-6


It’s always been a dream for me to get inked, but I was afraid with the so-called myths of society as it regards tattoo as taboo in our society. But apart from these beliefs of society I recently got a tattoo on my wrist. I was jubilant to get it done. I made an ‘anchor’ on my wrist and wrote a line ‘Refuse to sink’ as it symbolises the strong personality of mine. I have gone through many ups and down in my life, but I have never been weak, and given up. I rather will rise from the pain than get sunk with it or in it. I have refused to sink in the troubles that I experienced in my life, I have refused to sink in the so-called myths and superstitious beliefs of society and I refuse to sink into the world where people care about what others think about you rather than realising what you are capable of. So tattooing has been a medium for me to enjoy freedom and express my feelings through art.

— Anu Pariyar, Pepsicola, Kathmandu


To be honest, I haven’t got any tattooing experience in my life for the fact that I haven’t shown any interest at any point of time. People who are used to tattooing means they are just becoming rough and tough. I also think that it’s painful because one has to undergo pain while getting inked. But if I have to get a tattoo on my body, the part would be none other than my chest and it will be of Lord Buddha, who is known as the global messenger of peace. For the matter of fact, currently I consider myself to be a devout worshipper of Buddha because he denied himself of worldly pleasures in order to seek penance in a forest, finally gaining enlightenment and popularising the concept of world peace. So I would be making the most of this opportunity, provided I’m able to come across with it.

— Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar, Baneshwor


There have been many concepts of tattoo throughout centuries. Talking about the current context many people get inked because it’s trendy and fashionable. I used to continuously watch LA Tattoo Ink on TLC. That show was a hit then. They showed the struggle and hard work of the artists, and as well as of the person who got inked. I always thought I would have one as well, and after a year of contemplation and procrastination, I got inked on December 31, 2016 to show my love for my mother. I inked ‘Aamaa’ on my right wrist. It was a pretty awesome experience for me. And after

a month I got another one for my brother.

For me, a tattoo should have a meaning because the one thing you can take away with yourself when you die is tattoo. In my perception to get inked you need to have a clear mind and a very good reason with a meaning. Otherwise, you will regret it all your life and to remove a tattoo costs a fortune than getting one. Therefore think hundred times before you get inked.

— Barsha Shrestha, Kathmandu


Tattooing is a very special way of expressing one’s love, fantasy and passion for others. It is like birth marks that will be with one through life unless it is surgically removed. And if I got inked, I would love to ink ‘maa’ along with tiny stars on my wrist — I had asked for permission to get a tattoo, but I was not allowed because it is painful. My mum holds a very special position in my life; she is everything to me. She is my best friend and my adviser. My happiness, my strength and my smile all are connected with her. She loves and understands me more than anyone else. She is someone who reads my unspoken words. So, she means a lot to me. For all her great deeds I would love to express my feeling and love for her through this tattoo — that would make me feel that she is always with me, loving me.

— Nikki Gupta, Mahabirsthan, Birgunj


Tattoo is taken as a medium of artistic expression and the reflection of our culture. Many youngsters are passionate about getting tattoo on their body. It preserves our culture though many youngsters regard it as fashion. I like the idea of getting this art. I am sure I will get a tattoo in the future. I am planning to get a tattoo of a butterfly on the right

part of may neck and my name in Korean language on my right wrist. I have seen many girls with a tattoo of a butterfly on their necks; it really looks amazing. It makes us look fashionable.

— Alina Poudel


In a country like Nepal, tattoo is still taken as a taboo but its craze is always on the top among youngsters. It is an art which is taken as a form of fashion these days. The art of piercing and inking was a practice in different communities since ancient times — it was not taken as taboo because it was done by our forefathers. But when it comes to a young member of the house to get inked, it is a forbidden and restricted art. Most of all it also defines family’s prestige as well.

For me tattoo is not the thing that everyone should take it as social stigma. Individuals who are comfortable and mentally prepared for the tattoo can have one or more on their body. I got inked a few years ago and I liked it as it was the craziest thing I had ever done. I would love to get one again on my neck or back. One should get inked on any part of the body according to their choice and level of comfort. It is only the marks that an individual will take even after their death and nobody can snatch it from anyone as it sticks with you like nothing else ever will.

— Susmita Thapa, Jorpati


I haven’t got inked but I am planning to get a tattoo of Lord Shiva on my arms. This art would be a tribute to Lord Shiva. It is believed that we can sell our tattoo in heaven. Each and every tattoo has its own meaning.

— Subodh Sharma


I already have tattoos of my name on each hand, one is in English and the other is in Newari language. We know that the tattoo once inked cannot be erased or removed, so we have to be conscious about what we are going to ink. Therefore, I inked my own name because my name is the only thing that I will have in my life forever till my death as it cannot be and won’t be changed.

So, for me tattoo is my imagination and my dream which I love to make it happen in my life and ink it on my body to remind me of it forever. If the tattoo has some positive vibes or is meaningful in a sense to make other people conscious too then, I think tattoo is not bad at all. Still, I do want to ink something meaningful and dedicate it to

my parents.

— Latishaa Maharjan


Running through the knuckles of the right thumb down to my wrist edge, I would love to imprint the words ‘don’t doubt your choice’ in striking red fonts. It is because the point of getting a tattoo for me is as unique as the tattoo itself. It is to exhibit that I am capable of making a decision and living with it. And to reflect my personality and choice, a tattoo is not just a fashionable trend for me but holds a deep meaning every second to remind me that nobody can tell me who to be. And the red colour of the tattoo is not just a colour but a state of mind. This fiery hue is my passion, love, and desire for life and would make me feel powerful. The tattoo will be the proof that I am not like everyone else and that is okay!

— Sudesha Rimal


Everyone has likes and dislikes in his/her life for so many things. I have also likes and dislikes, which makes me feel happy while living a beautiful life. In the case of tattooing I would want a tattoo on my right hand and it would be a spiritual slogan. Spiritual is the supreme thing to do in human’s life, no matter where you belong. You believe it or not, but today spirituality and its values are being eradicated day-by-day. Therefore, what I feel is that if I am tattooing, then people will see and they can also learn something from me. When I get inked with a spiritual slogan on my hand, I can feel satisfied to some degree in my life.

— Saroj Wagle, Dumarwana-04, Bara


Tattooing has become very popular these days among both men and women. It’s really different from those portrayed on canvas and any piece of paper. It’s a form of art done on your own body. Often it seems really cool and attractive while in some cases getting the whole body inked looks haphazard.

Although there have been many advanced methods these days, tattoo art was prevalent in our community long before as we can notice even our grandparents have them in their own forms. Well despite of its beauty and significance for its lovers, and although even I find it beautiful sometimes, I really don’t like to have one on me. The fact about the pain, the possible skin problems it could create and also some needle based injuries like hepatitis (well there might have been safety precautions) just give me terror.

— Somika Ganesh, Dhumbarahi


Leaving behind world’s powerful nations, Norway has been named the world’s happiest nation according to World Happiness Report 2017. The same report ranks Nepal as the third happiest nation in South Asia. Such reports measure happiness every year, but do you think happiness is something that can be measured? How do you determine whether someone (or even you) is happy or not? Explain.

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