Insuring India

India faces many challenges on the road to Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Almost two-thirds of total health spending is paid out-of-pocket by households, placing India among the top 10 countries in the world in this regard. Recent global estimates that aim to measure country progress towards UHC also highlight India’s gaps in terms of service coverage. So how does a country achieve UHC? One possible answer might be to discuss broad health system paradigms, but quite another would be to talk about the nuts and bolts of implementing a specific program.

While the choice between paradigms is made, at most, once in a decade, figuring out how to implement a program happens every day.  For this, practitioner-to-practitioner learning is one of the best ways to help implementers make real progress on the road to UHC. This is the rationale for the World Bank-supported Government-Sponsored Health Insurance Forum...  —