Is democracy losing steam globally?

There is no room for adopting any self-styled democracy by replacing the theory of Abraham Lincoln’s democracy. In today’s world, we hear from some rulers that development is more important than democracy.

As if the so-called development is unimpeded and not subject to any retardation; and as if nothing can hold back any country’s growth and development despite corruption and violation of human rights.

Those who are trying to replace democracy with the so-called development actually are pushing the nation under a brutal autocracy.

During the sudden emergence of the Arab Spring, lots of political pundits expressed uncontrolled delight, stating this was the last episode of dictatorial regimes and autocratic monarchism in the Arab world.

But the last result of this ‘spring’ has visibly turned into a disgusting thunderstorm.

Look at Libya. Following the demise of Gaddafi, this country under the madness of democratisation has finally turned into one of the epicentres of religious extremism and terrorism.

Had there been Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the Islamic State would have been a mission impossible!

The architect of the Arab Spring most definitely failed in assessing the socio-political atmosphere in the Arab world.

They messed up the Arab world with western realities. They didn’t understand, while democracy could be a feasible formula for the US and the West and even some Afro-Asian nations, it simply is unworkable in China, North Korea, Cuba, Russia and some other countries.

If we look at Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi may pretend to be an ‘icon’ of democracy, but in reality, what she actually has established is simply hypocrisy, mixed with uncontrolled rogue governance. Under the fake democracy of Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s natural and mineral resources are already offered to foreign vested groups. She has transformed Myanmar into a political brothel.

For decades, China has been advancing both economically and technologically under ‘people’s autocracy’. Maybe this has inspired Narendra Modi in introducing a new format of people’s autocracy under the grab of ultra-nationalism mixed with radical Hinduism. In Turkey, the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also copied the same formula under the cover of patriotism and strict rule.

Finally, the emergence of President Xi Jinping as the truest descendant of Comrade Mao Zedong or President Vladimir Putin of Joseph Stalin is nothing but the failure of collectively global democratic leadership. People may disagree with me, but they will soon realise that China and Russia made the right decision at the right time.