It’s the month of love

“Love”, the feeling that everyone wants to experience, is not common. Only a few are lucky enough to love someone and be blessed with love in return. For Shakespeare has said, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” February is the month that we celebrate this love, when we emphasise on the importance of having someone special in our lives and how they make everything better.

The younger generation usually gets excited when this month of love arrives. It’s the age when they want to love and be loved in return. In her book Generation Me, Jean Twenge has mentioned that young adults in their 20s and sometimes 30s are spending most of their time in pointless dating, uncertain relationships and painful break ups. Love has the power to bring good in a person. On the contrary, if it doesn’t go well, it might result in a painful breakdown. The author has also mentioned, “cycle of meeting someone, falling in love and breaking up is a formula for anxiety and depression.”

It feels like the whole world has collapsed when someone goes through a painful break up. Hence, it affects their academic, professional and personal life. The time they should have been concentrating on their education and profession is spent crying on the unsuccessful relationship they had. It is understandable everyone goes through a meltdown after an unfortunate breakup. The only difference is, some cope very soon and some take a long time. But what one must remember is that time heals everything. Love from the significant other is not the only kind of love in the world. The love of parents and siblings has its own importance.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, if someone has a valentine, consider yourself lucky and enjoy the moment. For those who are still looking for a valentine or recovering from a breakup, the right time is yet to arrive. I believe, every person has a someone significant assigned by the supernatural power, only the right time has to arrive. Emphasise on the love of parents and siblings at these times of solitude. Their love will always remain unwavering at your every highs and lows.

So, let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day with love and positivity. Those having their significant other may go out on a romantic date, and the remaining can still celebrate this day with a wonderful dinner with their parents or siblings, just like I used to do when I didn’t have a date.