Except for searching Nepalese in facebook, I also tried, without success, to skim through the reading materials provided to us for the class scheduled at 6 PM. The class was an open lecture titled – Denying our planetary boundaries: How do we avoid bankrupting nature by Hanna Wetterstrand from Stockholm Resilience Centre and Anders Wijkman who is the co-president of the Club of Rome. Horsal 4 in the Ekonomikum was full in response to the lecture organized. The speakers highlighted the problems of looking development purely from economic angle and accentuated the need of bringing-in ecological economics into development perspectives. The main idea of the lecture seems to invoke students about the need of new paradigm for development. With a few minutes still remaining to the formal ending of class, we came out of it and marched towards the room. On our way back, we stopped for a while, near a road and try to take some snaps in the name of night photography... —visitloma.blogspot.com