Let’s sanitise our thinking

Girls, raise your voice against any form of abuse’. Every time, I hear this, a question pops in my mind: Will the mentality deeply rooted within us ever let them to do so? Myths and stereotypes that linger in our mind have created an intimidating, hostile and humiliating environment for the survivors and the victims. In the long-term, the suffering in silence is not limited to a victim but the whole of society as it slowly detaches humanity from humans. A spectator who contemplates and knows about the wrongdoing and yet chooses to remain silent makes the victim torment more and the perpetrator to believe that harassment is acceptable.

Are you into it? If yes, it is high time to sanitise your thinking followed by action as slandering and casting herculean aspersions on the victims instead of the accused are still prevalent. From passing sexist comments to expressing how ways of dressing up provoke violence against women make one feel vulnerable.

To those who belittle such issues, have you ever thought about the trauma one goes through because of such sensitive misconduct? The alarming cases of domestic violence depict the reality of our society. One in 3 women suffers from different forms of violence in her lifetime.

Some 66 per cent cases of sexual violence go unreported in the name of social prestige.

Even the workplace is no exception.

One in 5 women reports fear of losing the job or occupation they are enrolled in and suffer humiliation because of the narrow mindset of society.

A wave of change in our confined mentality and dissemination of support to the sufferer of such abuse are what we need now. Let’s be human in the real sense by creating an environment where concealed stories will be revealed one after another, the situation of the victims will be understood as we uproot misconceptions from our mind.

A place where there will be neither space for ignorance, tolerance nor endurance. Brushing off and belittling the issue which tends to harm individual dignity and self respect is discouraged.

More strength is needed to take a firm stand for change.

We as individuals do have a responsibility and that is by standing along with those raising their voices. Let our voice be raised for empowering, uplifting and encouraging others.

We need to stigmatise the perpetrator, and together we need to cease all forms of assault. For that, creating a wholesome environment at home and in the workplace are prerequisites as this will make the difference, and it starts with you.

Change starts with one individual but is achieved with the collective efforts of all.