Fight greater injustice 

It is with pain and sadness that we read the news of the unfortunate lawsuit filed against the Kumari tradition.

It is utterly absurd to move legal arms to stop the so-called “injustice” against one single Kumari when we fail to do anything to stop the brutal killings of thousands of Nepali citizens, or the selling of millions of children and women for forced labour or prostitution both in Nepal and abroad. What about the daily injustice against millions of Nepali wives, Dalits or 

minority groups? Why don’t we do anything substantial to stop these mass cruelties, all these mega injustice?

If we consider these facts, it is more than evident that the lawsuit is not against “child injustice” nor against the Kumari tradition itself, but is against all that which Kumari represents.

The Kumari is the protecting deity of the country. Besides, she is also the backbone of an

age-long and unrivalled Nepali tradition. Any attack against her is an attack against the well-being and peace of the country. The most recent attack against the country’s well-being and good cause was the murder of Pandit Narayan Pokharel. None of these attacks can be tolerated nor left

unanswered. All of the Nepali people, and all those like us who have a deep 

respect and understanding for the Nepali culture have to stand united against these evil forces that try to undermine the common strength of Nepal.

Helmut and Ulla Kretschmer, via e-mail

Less helpful

This refers to the news “Drop aid by helicopter” published in THT on May 9. What he has written is the reality. We all know that the foreign aid is making our life more

dependent. Therefore, foreign aid in the name of development is benefiting the poor in Nepal less than the benefactors themselves. We should realise this and should rethink our habit of depending on outside assistance. Unless Nepalis realise it, I don’t think there will be any improvement on socio-economic and other fronts. And I deeply admire and appreciate Wadhwa’s view that people of Nepal will surprise everyone with a very fast rate of growth.

Shreejana Rayamajhi,

via e-mail

Good look

Since the inception, THT has proved itself as one of the most popular and widely read dailies. It is popular with the people of all ages, such as students, youth, academia, and others. The ever-changing nature of the paper to suit the readers’ interest has been the main reason behind its increasing popularity.

The international size also conforms to its earlier standard and now looks more attractive than its earlier form.

However, we readers give importance to the content too. Reading THT has been a satisfying experience until now. I hope the paper continues to stand out among others.

Ambika Pandey, Chitawan


Education is the key to success for anyone. That means the government should do everything in its capacity to prioritise education in the coming years.

Many children, including myself get bored of studying irrelevant stuff. Well, I am sure that my future is secured but what about the uneducated people and the children who are not sent to school?

Nripesh Shrestha,

Budhanilkantha School