Not through violence

The news “Private schools in districts shut due to Maoist threats” published in THT on April 18 was indeed shocking and I support the views of Pradeep Tiwari expressed in his letter “Unwise decision” published on April 20 regarding the decision.

Though it is not the first time that this type of crisis has arisen in the country, it is sad that many private schools are being closed down. Earlier there used to be numerous strikes and bandhs, be it called by the parties or their student or trade wings to get their demands fulfilled. However, ironic is the fact that no solution has emerged till now to solve those problems for which strikes and bandhs were called in the past.

The students have always been the victims of this irresponsible party politics. If this trend continues there will hardly be any student left in this country. Neither will we be able to preserve our identity nor will there be any educated and skilled manpower in Nepal. Moreover, none can undermine that children are the pillars of a nation no matter which system or who is in power. If the private schools are extracting money from people, as the Maoists claim, then there is the judiciary to turn to. The government should also be wise enough to improve the services of the state-run schools.

Eakprasad Duwadi,


Real reflection

The Midway article “My emotion quotient” by Tara Bhatta published in THT on April 15 caught my attention, as it was an excellent write-up. It appeared catchy to me since I found my sentiments pictured in it. There hardly appear articles that describe human sentiments and being an emotional person it worked magic on me. I feel it is not at all impractical to be

sentimental because emotions unveil the real self. Rather I find the materialists more

cynical and I never support cynicism. It is true “how blindly they could defy the value of emotions like an owl claiming there is no sun.” It was also a good irony that maybe the writer could indulge in inventing an equipment to measure emotion.

Nibha Vaidya, via e-mail

Set example

People must have noticed that many schools like St Mary’s High School involve its

students in environment protection activities. Whereas this is a welcome idea, I have noticed that many school themselves neglect environmental consciousness. The schools hire a fleet of old and heavy smoke-emitting buses which previously used to roll in Patan Dhoka route.

The students who work for better environment and clean air are seen inhaling those

dangerous gas emitted by the busses. This is extremely harmful for school children. The authorities should be more careful and be conscious about children’s health. Schools must set examples themselves before they go about preaching.

Rajani Swar, via e-mail


Though democracy is about freedom and liberty, it is certainly not for violating rules and regulations. Since February 1, the leaders of all major political parties have been shouting for restoration of democracy. But I would like to ask them what they made of democracy since 1990? Their greed for power has resulted in this state of affairs. Had they been sincere in their commitments towards people and followed democratic norms, Nepal would not have faced so many problems and unprecedented violence. It is high time they corrected

themselves before expecting people to trust them again.

Krishna Nepal, Chandol