Reviving Ayurveda:

This refers to the news, “Quacks ‘cheating’ AIDS patients with cure promises,” published in THT on February 19. It is true that Ayurveda has a rejuvenating therapy for the AIDS patients but a complete cure is still being researched. Any supposed cure should be scientifically proven. Anyone cheating AIDS patients in the name of Ayurveda should be punished. The Nepal Ayurveda Medical Council should develop a robust regulatory mechanism to curb this type of quackery. It is high time the Ministry of Health (MoH) also considered setting up an Ayurveda Research Council in Nepal. The concept of research in Ayurveda was initiated during King Mahendra’s period. The centre remained functional till 2030 BS before being closed. Ayurveda will offer hope for AIDS patients. Instead of concentrating only on anti-retroviral therapy, the MoH should consider reviving research practices in Ayurveda. Such sincere endeavour will discourage quacks.

Sushil Dahal, Institute

of Medicine, Kathmandu


This is in response to Sucheta Dasgupta’s article titled “Chronicle of an anti-feminist” published in THT on February 4. I found the write-up devoid of empirical evidence, and completely subjective and judgemental. The last paragraph was extremely offensive to the female sex. Whether or not there is a correlation between feminism and lesbianism is definitely open to question. In any case, feminism is completely irrelevant to one’s sexuality. I hope those who ridicule feminism do in fact remember their history when they avail themselves of the advantages and benefits hard won by women who may not have called themselves feminists but nevertheless had the foresight to address and rectify the inequalities between the sexes. I am not sufficiently familiar with the Nepali attitude towards women, but in the United Kingdom women and men get equal pay. Girls now have the same opportunity to enter professions previously denied to them or mainly occupied by males. One can continue with the saga of equal opportunities achieved by women for women. Feminism does not have low esteem, it is proud of its achievements. Yes, I am a feminist; and most of us do not have a grudge or feel antagonistic towards men per se. We want the continuation of the equality and fairness, which our predecessors fought for albeit perhaps under a name other than feminism. I think Sucheta should not write insensitive articles, which is offensive to women who happen to be feminists.

P M Bolton, Global Action Nepal, Kathmandu


The blockade called by the Maoists has badly affected the flow of goods and disrupted transportation services, creating a lot of problems for Kathmanduites. This is a matter of concern since it affects our daily lives. Kalimati area in the capital city is a business hub, but it is now suffering because of the said blockade. The shopkeepers and porters can only hope for the blockade to end and the customers are as scared as ever since the shortage of goods means price hikes that will have an adverse impact on their livelihood. For example, despite the claim of availability of cooking gas in the Kathmandu Valley, many areas are suffering for lack of it. Even the prices of vegetables and groceries have shot up in recent days. That is not good news for the common man.

Nima Tshering Sherpa, Chabahil