Improve efficiency:

All of us are aware that Nepal Bank Ltd and Rastriya Banijya Bank have been under foreign management for quite sometime and they have claimed success in reviving those two banks. Their contracts were renewed recently most probably in recognition of it. However, the management has not done much to uplift the morale of the staff of these two banks. For example, the management has been holding the publication of the results of the written exams held some six months ago for the eight Tenth Level posts for promotion. As far as I know, there were not more than 12 candidates who appeared for the exam. So the delay in announcement of the result is incomprehensible. This is not good especially when the management claims that it has helped improve the efficiency of the bank managers. The government has promised to deliver services efficiently and effectively to the commoners. But with such delays the people cannot expect much from the staff.

Abhay, via e-mail


This is in reference to the news “Surprise check finds officials playing hookey” published in THT on February 15. It is good that the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation recently conducted a surprise check on some offices like RNAC, TIA, CAAN. Disloyal staff or latecomers should be penalised. There are so many others who are dying to get employed and report on time to do their duty. I hope other ministries will also start making surprise checks as this would make the staff more alert and responsible.

Bimal Ojha, Dillibazaar


I agree with Anil Sharma’s letter titled “No copying” published in THT on February 15. There is no doubt our youths are running after things that are not ours in the first place. For example, the English New Year is time for big celebrations. Restaurants and bars do brisk business but the same does not happen on a Nepali New Year. That is also true for other festivals. We hardly remember when Janai Purnima is but we remember Christmas. For example, a caller at a FM station on Valentine’s Day did not know that the day before it was Basanta Panchami. While it is one’s freedom to choose between different cultures, indifference to one’s culture is not a healthy sign.

Alankar Khanal, via e-mail

Be careful:

We all know that the number of road accidents is rising as never before. I want to relate an accident and draw the attention of the readers towards careless driving, especially the motorcycle riders. February 11 was an unfortunate day for us at Xavier International College as one of our eleventh grade students, Ashmita Rai, lost her life in a motorbike accident at around 10 pm near Bansbari. Her friend Prashant Pathak was driving her home after celebrating his 17th birthday. Though it is obvious for young people to be frivolous, they should be more careful while driving so that such incidents are avoided in the future. Many accidents occur because the drivers are careless or take things for granted. A number of accidents could be avoided by simply being alert and cautious. Speed is one such important factor. But it is equally important not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Satish Mishra, Xavier

International College, Kamal Pokhari