Environmental law required:

It was heart-breaking to read the news “Polluted Narayani threat to aquatic life” published in THT on February 3. The ever-degrading situation of the Narayani River, and the helplessness of the people to save it and its aquatic life, are pathetic. As students of social studies, we discussed this problem and its possible solutions. We concluded that the toxic discharge from the nearby industries is the primary source of the river pollution. Thus in our view, the best remedy is to pass an environmental law which could ban irresponsible discharge of industrial waste into the river, levying heavy penalties on the violators. It is also important to conduct similar river-water tests in other rivers and raise public awareness to stop water pollution. All efforts to save the water animals and plants will go waste unless rivers are cleaned.

Gitanjali Pradhananga,

Everest English School,



On February 1, I reached my examination centre at Patan Multiple Campus an hour earlier and was ready to write every bit of the knowledge I learned in the tuition classes and late hours of studies in the cold winter months. That exam was very important for me, as it was the last hurdle in clearing MBS examination. However, the scene at the campus was chaotic. The classrooms were never opened and the exam was cancelled. I have been scanning newspapers every day since then for news or notice on the exam cancellation or postponement dates, but none has come so far. After inquiring at Balkhu TU Exam Controller Centre I was told that the decision has not been reached. It has been a week now and they still say “no decision.” Is Master’s degree a joke here in Nepal or is it that the TU authorities have no sense of time? Such irresponsible behaviour can jeopardise many students’ future.

Kesang Kansakar, via e-mail

Players’ list:

THT has long been providing its readers with valuable information in various fields like entertainment, politics, social issues, etc. In sports, its coverage of various events, especially cricket matches, is good. This makes cricket fans like me more than happy. It would be better if it published the cricket ratings of both one-day and test series, and also the list of top ten fielders. This would help us to know more about the players and the cricket-playing nations. You could also include information on the positions held by the test-cricket playing nations because since the World Cup I have not found any information on it.

Santosh, via e-mail


It was good to read the news “Nepal Scouts to be made more people-oriented: Minister” published in THT on February 15. Scouts have been active for long in Nepal and the Nepal Scouts already has its offices in 53 districts with 32,000 members. This is remarkable. As stated, the Minister for Education and Sports laid emphasis on empowering the Scouts to encourage them to be more people-oriented. If given enough support by the government and the local bodies, youth groups like the Scouts can play a very positive role in the development of the country. They can contribute in various areas, for instance, by initiating community drives for environment, health, education, etc. All concerned people should provide adequate help to Nepal Scouts so that their plans will bear fruit.

Neelam Shrestha, Kathmandu