No military solution:

Nepal has faced a vicious cycle of violence and terror since many years now. Innocent people are being killed. People are feeling insecure by the day and children in different parts of the country have been denied their right to education. How long will the Nepalis have to face this sort of crisis? Why are the concerned authorities keeping mum and not doing enough to solve the problems? The people are in favour of peace. Both the government and the Maoist rebels should respect this popular wish and stop the carnage forever, as there is no military solution to end the existing problem.

Krishna Dharel, via e-mail


The recent news of the unfortunate accident in which many lives were lost including that of a groom is really tragic. It was reported that the bride survived the accident and that she is under medical supervision. Luckily, this young girl has survived. Understandably, she must be under an immense mental trauma and deep anxiety over the loss of her newly-wed

husband and her forthcoming life. She will also have to go through a societal pressure since she is a widow now. However, despite such a difficult predicament that she is now in, people have started already throwing accusations at the bride. An educated acquaintance of mine after hearing the news had only superstition to back his unsolicited but acidic remarks for her. If this is what the urban educated still feel, can you imagine what harsh remarks will some other relatives who embrace even harsher notions bombard her with? And given the superstitious masses of the rural areas of Nepal, she is sure to be tormented. Most of the rural folks still believe in the age-old saying “to serve and to endure is to be a real woman.” Now that it is too early to talk of re-marriage, this girl will be compelled to bear many pangs and pathos in the days to come. All our good wishes must lie with her.

Ganesh Khaniya, Min Bhawan


We can hardly see the vestiges of the railings in the roadsides in Kathmandu especially at Ratnapark and Bagbazar. The cadres of the agitating parties sabotaged all these. They have even broken a number of traffic lights. Are these railings and traffic lights responsible for regression or the price hike? Agitators must think seriously as to why they damage private and public properties. They behave like hooligans and pelt stones at the policemen. They are also violent towards those who do not support them. Every individual has the right to choose whether he or she would want to participate in such rallies. Burning vehicles is illegal and so is interference on other’s individual liberty, which is against the norms of democracy.

Unfortunately, even the policemen are not carrying out their duty properly. Policemen too are seen ruthlessly beating people, often children. It is the duty of the police to protect public and private property during such demonstrations, too. They have to take appropriate legal action against those who do not obey the law.

Rabin Dahal, via e-mail


Because of the bandhs and strikes it has become extremely difficult to transport goods and supplies from one part of the cuntry to another. Also, passengers get stranded in the middle of highways for two to three days. If this continues for a long time, then the commoners are sure to face difficulties in the form of short supply and delay in their work. The government should do something fast to solve the problem.

Prasanna Karki, Jhapa