Eradicate Child labour:

Child labour is considered as one of the great evils of our time. But in recent days many children are seen working in factories, hotels, garment industries etc as labourers. It is very sad and unfortunate to hear and see this. To eradicate child labour many programmes are being launched from time to time at national as well as at international level but these have not been too ineffective. With child labour becoming one of the serious problems of our times, it is time for the whole world to pay more attention and solve the problem completely for ever.

Kiran sapkota, Kathmandu

Koshi barrage:

THT on January 15 reported about the life of the Kosi barrage having officially ended and quoted advocate Himmat Singh of Rajbiraj as saying that a high dam is a feasible solution. But upon checking with him, he confirmed that he has has not spoken about any high dam but instead said that at a conference held in Dharan on January 1, he had strongly expressed his opposition to such an endeavour. Nowhere in the India-Nepal Treaty on Koshi Project of 1954 it is mentioned that the life of the barrage is 50 years. If maintained well, the life of a barrage like Koshi can exceed a century. Then comes the question of who looks after the barrage’s welfare. According to the amended treaty of 1966, the project area is leased to India for 199 years and the Indian government has taken all responsibility for its operation and maintenance. It must do so satisfactorily. During a field study of the barrage, the control officer told me that one of the barrage pillars had fractured and the maintenance work consisted only of dumping of stones around the pillar for support. This is adhocism at its best. There is growing media hype in Bihar that a high dam is the “only” solution to the ageing barrage and also to the vicious cycle of flood and draught. This was also gathered during our field study in Bihar. The hype seems to have influenced our media too. Rest assured it will take years, at least a quarter of a century to complete the construction of the high dam. What is going to save the barrage till then?

Shreshna Basnet, St Xavier’s College

Follow rules:

The hue and cry made over the security check of the helicopter in which former Prime Minister Girija P Koirala was travelling at the airport recently is not at all justified for two reasons. First comes the issue of safety and security and then the fact that nobody is above the law of the land. Hence, everyone including Koirala has to follow the routine security procedures. Koirala, as the former prime minister, should abide by the rules and should rather be the first to show respect for the laws. This is an issue about following norms, not about exercising democratic rights as claimed by his supporters.

Ramesh B Shrestha, Lalitpur

Petroleum price hike:

This is in reference with the third price hike on petroleum products within six months of this Deuba government. If it continues, the credibility of the government would be in doubt. The rapid price hike is a direct challenge for the citizens. The government should take some steps so that poor Nepalis can get cheaper fuel. The government should concentrate on better, cheap and effective distribution of the petroleum products.

Bimal Ojha, via e-mail