Promote food industry:

To pave the way for industrialisation, Nepal needs to develop its food industry which can incorporate proper utilisation of agrarian food products. Mainly, the Central Campus of Technology (CCT), Dharan, provides the skilled manpower required for the development of food industry in Nepal. Students involved in food technology are the backbone of this sector.

Unfortunately, despite being affiliated with TU, CCT has been allocated low budget by TU. In addition to financial crisis, CCT is compelled to run B Tech and M Tech classes without proper infrastructure and facilities. The campus has to collect donations from the students to meet its administrative costs and salaries of the teachers. In many seminars and meetings held in Kathmandu, academicians have raised the need for development of institutional infrastructure of CCT to help stimulate better education in this industry. Also, the need for an Institute of Food Technology (IOFT) has been a major concern since a long time. It is sad that unlike CCT other institutes like IOM, IOE, IOFT, IAAS have moved miles ahead in academic and practical aspects. Hence, it would be better if the government and the concerned bodies realised the significance of introducing IOFT in Nepal.

Raj Thapa, Dharan


As a Sri Lankan citizen, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the government and the people of Nepal for showing generosity towards the tsunami victims of my country.In the modern world where wealth is measured in terms of money, Nepal has shown she is far richer than the richest countries of the world. Though a struggling nation, she is by far rich in humanity. In a world where we have come to believe that money is all that matters, she has shown her wealth by caring for countries like mine by giving money, food etc. to those who faced the worst disaster. The government, various public and private bodies, schools, colleges, and people from all walks of life have shown the true meaning of compassion towards their neighbour in grief by donating in whatever way they could. We are truly touched by your generosity. Thank you is the least we can say to the Nepalis.

Madhubhashini Sakunthala, via e-mail

Price hike:

It was shocking to learn about the price hike of petroleum products in Nepal. At present, the country is facing a critical situation and the financial status of the people is not that good. If the Deuba government continues to take such decisions for whatever reasons, which directly hamper the commoners, then it is only a matter of time before it will be shown the door.

The government has neither been able to hold the much-desired peace negotiations nor has it been able to solve the daily problems faced by the people. And now there is this hike. What does the government expect from the people at this juncture? They are not going to sit back and accept those decisions that hurt their interest. The government should take appropriate action to solve this issue.

Niranjan Khatiwada, Battisputali


It is good news for Nepalis that DNA test facility is soon going to be available in the country. However, as usual, there has already been a delay in bringing the facility into operation. How long will it take to start DNA testing in Nepal? The sooner it starts the better it is.

Gehendra Bahadur, via e-mail