Leaders lack vision

This is in reference to the news titled “No need for all-party government” published on July 4. We were shocked to read ridiculous statement made by former Prime Minister K P Bhattarai. If he is a true nationalist, why does he have to be the prime minister just to reveal the solution to the Maoist problem? No patriot can be so power hungry when everyday people are dying. Once Prime Minister Deuba had also said in one of the interviews that he has much stronger “mantra than the Gayatri mantra” to solve the Maoist issue. We hope he will use that mantra and bring this country to peace, but if it was just a political stunt then nothing is going to be accomplished. And, our great leader from CPN-UML is just struggling for important seats in the cabinet. What kind of leaders do we have who are least bothered about the people and are worried only about “chairs”? Nepalis are indeed unlucky not to have a single leader who is there to work for the people and have a vision to lead the nation to true democracy.

Suman Shrestha, via e-mail

Undue delay

The bridge over Manohara River was finally completed after four years, which was originally said to be just a two-year project. Such kinds of delays in government-run construction works is not a new thing. Probably the government makes plans or starts projects without adequate capital. The delay in completion of the construction of the bridge affected all the people of that area. Government should be more efficient while carrying out important projects.

Purna Shankh, via e-mail


I am a student of biology and a daily reader of your newspaper. If you could give some space for information regarding health and news of new discoveries in science and technology, it would be very interesting for students like me.

Sujit Yadav, Janakpur

Pandora’s Box

On June 30, Deuba’s coalition amidst highly noisy function opened the long-awaited box of Common Minimum Programme (CPM) in the same way as Pandora let loose “troubles” in the world in Rosalind Wallance’s play, the Pandora’s Box. The difference between the two was that while the latter’s box had poisonous odour affecting human consciousness, Deuba’s box had the tantalising aroma of ministers’ musical chair. Pandora’s box had not only troubles but also the strain of hope indicating that despite troubles and pains, human life continues to exist. But Deuba’s box has neither any clear solution to the present political deadlock nor any clue to hope. The highly decorated fabric of CPM itself seems like a fake pattern made up of worn out, old fashioned illusive threads of political propaganda.

Narayan Bhattarai, via e-mail

Park instead

Lately, we are reading about a landscape in Lagankhel, which the local reformative committee claims that to be a part of the Ashoka Stupa, while a local school committee is constructing building and shopping complex there. I strongly condemn this move. Development and maintenance of the beauty of Lagankhel area, is not only the responsibility of the residents of Lagankhel or Patan, but it is a concern of all of us. Turning this patch of land into garden or park would add to the grandeur of Ashoka Stupa adding much tranquility to the environment which all of us would love to have.

Chaitan Shakya, via e-mail