top killing people

Nepal, earlier regarded as a peace zone, has turned into a war zone. After the Maoist

insurgency, it is facing different and unusual set of problems. Chaos and uncertainty have taken over the peaceful country. Casualties are a usual ritual and the news regarding such events is nowadays considered normal. The country’s economy is spiraling towards disintegration. And it is already one of the poorest countries in the world.

The Maoists repeatedly destroy developmental infrastructure in different places. As a result, the development process has been set on the retrogression mode by over 40 years. Moreover, the abduction of teachers, students and the people has brought untold misery to the people. It is high time everybody was conscious of the fact that the current rate of killing will result in the scarcity of manpower in the future. Thus, the killing has to be prevented from turning this country to a graveyard.

Suraj Jung Karki, via e-mail

Undue delay

Long after completing the course and exams, students in the country have been facing problems while getting their certificates. First of all, they have to wait, at least for three months, for the publication of the results. One more month is wasted acquiring the certificates. The successful students have to wait for about three weeks to get their certificates. Because of such delays, the students get very little time to get admitted in good institutes. Delay has been a regular phenomenon in the education sector. Worse, such delays occur every year. The authorities concerned should be aware of the fact and try and bring out results earlier, besides removing unnecessary formalities to obtain certificates in time. It is not as if the press has been silent on the issue. Despite repeated requests by the students, guardians and the press, not much has changed on this front. Students who pay fees to sit for exams are certainly entitled to receiving results well ahead of time, at least before it is too late to get admitted at places of one’s preference.

Suraj Pandey, via e-mail

Pushed out

I am a regular reader of The Himalayan Times. I am very fond of the horoscope section and one of the reasons behind subscribing is it to read the horoscope. I get up in the morning and rush to read the horoscope and count my stars. I find it quite relevant. However, this is the second time that you have not published the horoscope. Was it because the advertisements pushed it out? On one occasion, the “Happy birthday” section too was shortened. Have you ever thought what happens to people like me who wait for the whole year to read what is in store this year only to find that it is cut out and described in just three lines? What about the ones whose birthdays fall on the days when the horoscope is not published at all?

Alina Ranjit, Chhetrapati


Holidays are necessary for everybody. And for the school students, they mean a little more than others. Students make good use of time by being involved in different recreational and extra-curricular activities. Just as the old rhyme says, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” A short holiday that is correctly utilised will send everybody back to his or her work — moreover with zest and vigour. Thus, holidays at proper intervals are necessary, especially for those who are engaged in mental exercise.

Abhinay Jayaswal, via e-mail