Everything in disorder

Our forefathers would not have imagined the situation that Nepalis are facing now. The country is in total disorder — from highways to the government. It may be because of the lack of proper leadership. Even innocent children have been affected by the ongoing armed conflict. Moreover, there is no sign of resolution of the conflict. The government and the parties are busy quarrelling with each other. Instead, this is a time for everybody to sideline personal differences and come together for the common good of the country.

Subash Yadav, Patan

Child labour

Working children in Nepal are forced to spend a miserable time. The issue of child labour is a matter of concern to conscious and responsible citizens. However, some international and national non-governmental organisations seem to be interested only in presenting facts and figures rather than finding an effective solution to this long-standing problem. There is a lot more these bodies could do in order to improve the condition of child labour in Nepal.

Rohit Karki, via e-mail


Education is an important factor for the development of human resources. Whether it be general or technical, it enhances the mental efficiency and level of understanding in the people. Moreover, primary education plays a great role in a person’s development. And all the citizens should be aware of this fact. Meanwhile, the news of success of a large number of School Leaving Certificate examinees this year may reflect the importance of education. Since education is the only means to instil the ability to incorporate the process of modernisation in the attitude and behaviour of a person, it is very important. When people become conscious and responsible, problems like the one prevailing in Nepal can be solved quite easily. Vibhor Nahata, Modern Indian School

Take a cue

The Midway article “Super Sonia” written by Biswas Baral was very much impressive. It is relevant to the present context of Nepal too. Our leaders should learn from Sonia’s contribution. Refusing the post of premiership, she has proved that all leaders are not power-hungry. However, in Nepal, some parties are still agitating though the King has appointed Sher Bahadur Deuba’s as the prime minister. It seems that they have no qualms about a conflict raging without any imminent solution in the horizon. At these crucial times, the leaders should rise above petty interests and set a good precedent for the younger generation. Unless they come out with an exemplary behaviour on this count, the future generations will judge the current breed of leaders as power-hungry and arrogant.

Deepesh Raj Rimal, Old Baneshwore


My perpetual dream of a peaceful and prosperous world has been shattered as terrorism and extremism prevailing worldwide at the moment has been wreaking havoc in many countries, including our own Nepal. Terrorism has hence, proved to be a menace to the mankind. Instead of joining hands with each other, people are fighting with each other for nothing. It is high time extremist elements dropped terrorism in order to establish peace. Keeping in mind the harmful effects of war, people should unite for peace and progress.

Kumud Ghimire, Budhanilkantha School