Maintain transparency

Few people voice against dysfunctions of an organisation; their voice is unheard by the mass unless the rebelling voice vehemently draws the attention of the media. Recently, the Federation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities had published the names of the selected indigenous campus-based students entitled to get scholarships as per the notice previously published on condition that it should present their academic documents and other relevant attested and recommended papers certifying their origin and family economic status.

However, it is disappointing to learn that the procedure of the selection is incomplete in itself. Inadequacy in the formulation of terms and conditions for the selection procedure has been the major setback. For example, the weightage allocation has been very lopsided for evaluation in the selection procedure.

Except for academic scores and degree of marginality of indigenous students, other aspects, which importantly hold their connection in the evaluation process, have been ruled out. The obligatory criteria like remoteness of the place from where the students come, cost of admission in a particular academic level, uniformity in academic level allocation and interview have been undermined. Moreover, the transparency has not been maintained. How can the indigenous people believe in such organisation that cater to the so-called welfare activities if such loopholes exist? Relying on such organisation for development of indigenous nationalities is questionable. People would rather suspect it for succumbing to favouritism and corruption. Thus, this organisation must undertake measures to rectify itself in this context.

Suman Subba, Dhangadhi

Lend support

After so many years we have come across an examinee who has stunned all of us. This boy with his aptitude and keen interest in studies has made a record, which is a dream of every student. Moreover, it is a fruition of his hard work and determination. Securing 94.5 per cent in the SLC exam is not an easy task. However, we must realise that some people are blessed with brains but are not lucky enough to pursue higher studies due to financial constraints. The government and all concerned bodies must not only design adequate provisions for helping such brilliant students, but also see to it that the support is given till the scholars complete their education.

Sahishnuta Sharma, Thapathali


We have been waiting for the result of final exams of MA second year with English major for seven months. However, TU has not published it yet. The delay means lapse of time of the examinees and a lapse of even a single day at such a competitive age means slipping off of many opportunities. The TU seems to be negligent towards the future of the students. It would be wise on the part of the concerned authorities to act outright so that such procrastinations would no longer prevail. Everyone must realise that procrastination, as is said, is the thief of time.

Nirajan Thapaliya, Kapan

Make use

Though Nepal is rich in natural resources, we have not been able to make full use of it. For decades, our economy has been dependent on foreign support. Despite similar problems, other countries have achieved remarkable success in development efforts. Nepal too has an immense potential to excel. However, what is needed is proper leadership.

Umesh Pandey, Germany