Deuba’s time to deliver

With the reappointment of Sher Bahadur Deuba as the new prime minister, the King has rectified the constitutional mistake that he had committed on October 4, 2002. Now, there is no point in blaming the King in this regard. Moreover, there is no need to continue the movement against regression. Now, the prime minister will be responsible in whatever the government does. Since, he claims that he is a real democrat and can solve the Maoist problem, he has to show his calibre now as the head of government. Deuba has assumed the post of prime minister at this crucial juncture. We hope that he would be able to tackle the

situation wisely.

Ambika Pandey, Chitwan

Be honest

We do not have an impression that the on-going political game is being played for the betterment of the country. It seems that we are heading towards nowhere. There is no destination. Moreover, the current agitation has wiped out little hope that we had. In this chaos, even the children cannot go to the school. The fundamental rights of the youth have been violated and they have been compelled to live in fear. Is this the proper way of playing politics?

Jayaram Dulal, Kavre

Impatient lot

Everybody can notice malevolence and pretension even at temples. Though people go to temples for prayers and worshipping the deities, they do not hesitate to be selfish — many people lose their patience while standing in queues and try to surpass others. Recently, I witnessed an incident at the temple of Lord Pashupatinath. An unscrupulous lady threw a scathing remark at an old lady when the latter did not move ahead in the queue. I was left embarrassed. The former could have politely asked the old women to move. I often question myself as to why do people show grumpy faces and pour their sulky attitude instead of paying religious respect to the deity? Moreover, why do people go to temples if they do not have the desire for serenity and peace? The other day, I wanted to get chandan. To my utter surprise, a priest asked me for money in return. It was, indeed, a humiliating situation. I would have

become generous if the intention was of collecting funds for poor beggars. Therefore, I request the temple-goers not to encourage such persons and maintain good attitude at places of worship.

Binu Gurung, via e-mail


It is very disheartening to know that innocent people are being killed everyday. The Maoists

violence has become regular news stories for years. Nepal, where Buddha was born, is no more a zone of peace. Thousand lives and property worth billions of rupees have been sacrificed for nothing. Thus, it is high time we took right initiatives for establishing peace in the country.

Basanta Sharma, KU


Many people are pouring into the urban areas from villages since the Maoist insurgency has left them with no other choice but to migrate to the so-called safe places. Mainly Kathmandu and the district headquarters have been crowded with these internally displaced people. Immediately after coming to cities, they face numerous problems ranging from unemployment to finding a shelter. The country has long experienced the refugee

problem. Now we have our own people to cater to. This lot needs to be rehabilitated.

Utsuk Shrestha, via e-mail