People want results

The Maoists are good at rhetoric and at raising the expectations. That its supreme leader has become a victim of the militant elements within his own party and none of the top Unified CPN-M leaders seem to realise how they have come down in the esteem of the common

people. Loadshedding is a big problem but people are willing to forgive the Maoists for something which is not of their making. But report after report of the militancy of their trade union, YCL and their student wing has sickened the common people. It saddens me to see how far the PM and his ministerial colleagues have become spineless. The PM has made several

commitments but has not fulfilled even one. Maybe time has come to mull over handing over the reins of government to a more competent person in his party.

Adarsha Tuladhar,

via e-mail

Just think

We are witnessing piles of garbage that block the already overcrowded streets. Many articles, editorials and letters to the editor on the subject have been written from various perspectives. But, nobody has mentioned that most of the garbage consists of plastic bags that have been proved to be a health hazard. One positive action you can take is to refuse plastic bags when shopping. The shopkeeper will be happy because he saves money. You will be happy because you are not contributing to the problem.

The government could ban the production and distribution of plastic bags in Nepal. Garbage without plastic would be mostly biodegradable as it was in Nepal before 1980. And, we could return to our own jute bags.

Satya Dev, Budhanilkantha


I have been in Melbourne, Australia, for two years. When I had come here, the possibility of finding a job more or less existed. But now, jobs are scarcer.

Because of the availability of abundant labour, exploitation is increasing. Therefore, more and more Nepali students go to work in farms at over 40-degree temperature. I suggest that the Nepali students stayed back in Nepal where their need is greater.

Shiva Neupane, via e-mail


Adding yet another chapter to the already omnipresent culture of impunity, the Baban Singh case has proved that there are no signs of it getting mitigated anytime soon. It was an irony that an accused criminal like Baban Singh was elected to the historic CA, and even more astounding was the fact that he was let free despite serious criminal allegations against him. Why should he be treated differently? Given his track records, we are very shocked and unnerved to know his release on bail.

Subhas Kokil, via e-mail

How long?

Everyone in the country is suffering from countless problems that provide

premonition of economic disaster — load-shedding, daily mishaps, innocent people’s murders, accidents, exploitation, and so on. There is chaos everywhere. Not only foreigners but even the governmental institutions are exploiting the people. We have to pay the bills even if there is no electricity, no water supply or the mobile phone network. How long will this continue?

Kamal Poudel, via e-mail